Military Couple Launch Retail Store in Everett

September 13, 2013

Everett, Everett Economy

Vapor Eruption LLC in Everett Mall

Vapor Eruption LLC is veteran owned and opens this weekend

The grand opening is set for Monday inside the Macy’s wing of the Everett Mall for Vapor Eruption LLC, a store that sells electronic cigarettes. Co-owner Jeremy Wilson is an active duty Naval officer and his wife is recently retired from the Navy. “We plan on employing four people to start, with more hires possible as we near the Holidays,” said Wilson. It’s the first business owned by the two veterans who were inspired by the success of other veterans who have opened similar stores after leaving the service. Wilson says all of the liquids used in the e-cigarettes are made in the USA and he’s excited about introducing people to vapor instead of smoke. Wilson says, “Our hope is to switch people from tobacco to e-cigarettes due to the decreased cost, increase in flavor combinations, ability to get their nicotine fixes almost anywhere, including most places that have smoking bans, and because of the decrease in the environmental footprint that these will leave, as there are no cigarette butts to throw away.” You can find out more about the Wilson’s and their new store by clicking here to visit their website.


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36 Responses to “Military Couple Launch Retail Store in Everett”

  1. Spaz Says:

    Congrats on your new endeavor Wilson family. You are doing a good thing. I’m sure none of us current vapers, former long time smokers, wants children to get started on the habit we had such a hard time with. At the same time, we are grateful to have an alternative to combustible tobacco, and a method of tobacco harm reduction that actually works. Best wishes to you!

  2. JC Okie Says:

    Congratulations on your new business. More B&M shops can only help by making e-cigarettes more available to those who use them.

  3. Petrodus Says:

    Suzanne … Believe whatever you wish. It’s OK. If you really want to find the truth, you will. If you choose not to believe the truth, that’s OK also. However, we can only point you to where you can find the truth.

  4. David Moger Says:

    To add to my earlier post. Best of luck to the Wilsons, I wish you every success with your new venture and thank you for providing a service in your local.

  5. oplholik Says:

    Best of luck on your store. I’ve been smoke free for 2+ years now. E-cigs are the best thing going. Now go forth and convert!

  6. Bob Chill Says:

    Congratulations and thank you for serving our Country and now serving the needs for those trying to get off cigarettes! As a 30 now ex smoker I view ecigarettes as a small miracle in my life. I will never touch tobacco again.

    As a father of 4 children, life is full of very difficult choices. I worry that my faulty smoking wiring has been inherited by one or more of my children. I view ecigarettes as a far safer choice than doing what I did. Being born is a gateway to everything but ecgiarettes are certainly not a gateway to smoking. It works the other way around.

  7. David Moger Says:

    Suzanne and any others who are worried about the CDC survey on children smoking/vaping. Please go and read the report yourself. You will find that the children who are e cigarette “users” in fact are any child who took one puff in the last 30 days. So that will be any child who experimented like children do. A real “user” uses every day. You will not find that data in the report as it would not tell the lie that they wanted to put out. There are lots of other thing wrong in the report. Please go and read it for yourselves before you repeat the lies.

  8. misterdonut Says:

    Bravo – congrats to the Wilsons, and hope they find much success! I was a smoker for over 40 years, and switched to the e-cig almost 4 years ago. The argument that the e-cig is a “gateway” to the real thing is laughable – after a short time vaping, I found the smell and taste of tobacco cigarettes to be completely repulsive. That, along with the improvements in my well-being, was a miracle.

  9. BuGlen Says:

    Congratulations to this couple for opening their first store, and I hope it’s just the beginning of a great business venture for them!

  10. gypsykowgirl Says:

    I applaud you for opening your store regardless of ignorant haters out there!! I smoked for **cough cough** 25 years, a pack a day, and am happy to say that I am completely smoke free from the first day I bought my ecig and flavorful juices. This is NOT a gateway.. it is a cessation program!!!

  11. cmknight Says:

    Congratulations to the Wilson’s for undertaking this venture. We need more B & M shops to show people that what we do is a safer alternative to smoking.

    May the wind forever be in your sales (sails). ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Ania Says:

    To the Wilsons: Very best wishes for success with your new endeavor! You are helping to save lives and make those lives healthier and more enjoyable. E-cigarettes are the future.

    And thank you both for your past and present service to our country.

  13. T.W. Says:

    Congratulations! From one retired member to another, go for broke and may the journey be an awesome ride!

  14. Petrodus Says:

    Congratulations on your new e-cigarette store and your commitment to saving lives by helping smokers find a safe alternative to smoking. The E-smoking community supports you and we are positive locals will be excited to have an e-cigarette store in Everett.

  15. Uma Says:

    Congrats on your new and wonderful business! Thank you so much for serving our country and for helping us civilians to kick the habit of smoking, Nicorette gum and Patches. I salute you and hope you do fantastic business!

  16. dialx7 Says:

    Congratulations on the opening of your new business! There is nothing “yuck” about two Americans dictating their destiny.

    E-cigarettes are an alternative to smoking, that doesn’t harm them or anyone else around them. It doesn’t smell, nor does it have the harmful properties that burning cigarettes contain. Misinformed individuals really must refrain from posting on subjects that they know nothing about.

    Again, congratulations on your endeavor, and welcome!

  17. Qorax Says:

    Fantastic news, gr8 effort. E-Cigs are a boon to us, ex-smokers, and having a B&M in the neighborhood is a very welcome news indeed. I wish every cancer-stick user converts soon to this healthy alternative. Congrats abd Best Wishes to the Wilsons… SALUT!

  18. Suzanne Says:

    Yuck, just what we need . . . more addictions.

    • cmknight Says:

      Suzanne, perhaps you ought to head over to the ECF forums and CASAA website and learn something before you start slamming vaping. This is a much, much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, and has already helped smokers from all over the world to quit that vile habit. It is NOT another addiction.

      Ignorance is also an addiction.

      • Suzanne Says:

        cmknight, this is my concern:

        But health officials are worried. The new study suggests many kids are now getting a first taste of nicotine through e-cigarettes and then moving on to regular tobacco products, they say.

      • cmknight Says:

        “Also, if you do a search on the web you will see that there are many health and safety concerns regarding e-cigs.”

        And all of those heath and safety concerns are unfounded nonsense. All of the ingredients in e-cigs are GRAS by the FDA.

        “I work with kids in the 15-25 age bracket and I see the RAVEGES OF ALL KINDS OF ADDICTIONS ON A DAILY BASIS and you are wrong when you say that kids canโ€™t get them.”

        First of all, if you are calling anyone over the age of 17 a kid, then you should not be working with them. They are “young adults”, not kids. Second, I never said they couldn’t get them. What I said was that no vendor would knowingly sell to them. Learn to read and comprehend. If they ARE getting them, then they are getting them by bypassing the age-restriction guidelines set forth by the vendors. ie. they are stealing mommy and daddy’s credit card and ordering online, or getting someone over the age of 18 (a brother or neighbour, perhaps) to buy one for them.

        You are nothing but an ANTZ shill, Suzanne. You feel that everyone else is wrong, and you are the only one who’s right. Nothing that anyone says will convince you that e-cigs and PV’s are a viable way to quit smoking. We are doing something positive to save our own lives.

        You want to “save the children”? Then help promote e-cigs as a viable alternative to smoking.

        Oh … BTW … my stepson committed suicide due to an addiction, so don’t, for one second, think I don’t know what I’m talking about. My father is also addicted … to alcohol. My mother is a 4-pack-a-day smoker, so if you think for one second that you can take your sanctimonious little butt, and tell me what addictions are all about, I will chew you up and spit you out like yesterday’s breakfast.

      • Suzanne Says:

        Wow, aren’t you sweet. I am sorry for your troubles and especially the loss of your stepson. As I said before I applaud the use of e-cigs for anyone who uses them to stop smoking. I have concerns about underage kids using them for any reason other than smoking cessation. That is all.

      • Ania Says:

        So, Suzanne, the “research”/”study” you referred me to is in fact an article on a news website that itself refers to a *survey,* which in fact was a questionnaire with multiple-choice answers filled out by middle- and highschool students.

        First, in no way can this be considered research, or even a study. Second, if you actually read the government survey summary, *nowhere* will you find any results showing that youth START by using e-cigarettes and THEN PROGRESS to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Third, if you apply even an iota of critical thinking to the questions asked, you will note that several critical questions are *missing*, such as “If you have used both a tobacco cigarette and an e-cigarette, which did you use first?”.

        I suggest that you are making assumptions about the survey results based on reading a third-hand source, and that these assumptions are driven by your obvious ideological bias.

        A blanket recommendation to the tobacco/ecig-prohibitionist troops: Retire from the fray. You’re shooting blanks.

    • Qorax Says:

      What a dumb way of looking at things, reading & casting aspersions without understanding & comprehending the real subject. Hmm, kids are watching everything to day – romance is in the air – but is teen pregnancy on the rise?

    • BardicDruid Says:

      It’s the same addiction, just a different method of delivery, your arrogant ignorance has no limit.

    • cmknight Says:

      Actually Suzanne, many kids have already got their first taste of nicotine … through ketchup. That’s right, ketchup. Tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and green peppers all have naturally occurring nicotine in them. Oh, the horrors of addiction!

      • Suzanne Says:

        Hi cmknight,

        Yes, I am aware that some vegetables contain small amounts of nicotine; however, I do not see many kids addicted to vegetables. On the other hand, I do see many underage people addicted to cigarettes. Just observe as students from Evergreen Middle School or students from any high school walk home. Yes, addiction is HORRIBLE. You most likely have never had to deal with a young person who suffered from addiction(s) or you would not have such a cavalier attitude.

        I am aware of the reports that state that e-cigarettes help smokers stop smoking and I applaud that! However, there is also research that shows that many young people become addicted to cigarettes by first using e-cigs and young people can legally purchase them. This is what I consider the yuck factor.

      • Ania Says:

        Suzanne said: “However, there is also research that shows that many young people become addicted to cigarettes by first using e-cigs…”

        This is shocking! I was not aware of these studies. Please post links to these studies showing that youths are becoming addicted to cigarettes thru e-cigs.

      • Suzanne Says:

        Actually, I already did in earlier posts; however, I will try to find it again and post the entire article.

    • cmknight Says:

      Oh my goodness, Suzanne. Teenagers who smoke are now using e-cigs! They’ve quit smoking! Oh, the horrors!

      If you had bothered to actually READ the article you linked to, you would see that they “tried” e-cigs. That could have been as simple as,”Hey, what is that thing? Can I try it?” Teenagers experiment. I did it, you did it, Joe Blow down the street did it. It does not mean that e-cigs are a gateway anything. By the way, teenagers can NOT legally buy e-cigs. The vendors police themselves by requiring ID and/or age verification. No vendor will knowingly sell to anyone under the age of 18.

      As well, if you really think about it, what kid in his/her right mind is going to say to themselves, “I think I’ll switch from this nice tasty cranberry-apple e-juice to a vile, nasty smelling, horribly tasting tobacco cigarette.”? Give your head a shake, Suzanne, and use some common sense.

      Teenage pregnancies are on the rise. Better ban sex. Teenage drinking is on the rise. Better ban alcohol sales to minors. Oh, wait, they already did that … how did that turn out? Especially with all those wonderful flavours of vodka, and all those delicious fruit flavoured coolers.

      It’s not about health or addictions, Suzanne. It’s about money. We vapers are taking away the govt’s tax revenues from tobacco. We are taking away the income of the Big Tobacco companies. We are taking away the income from Big Pharmaceutical companies with all their NRT products. They are scared and people like you are swallowing all of their bull like a hungry fish.

      Think about it Suzanne. The government wants people to quit smoking, so they raise the taxes on tobacco products. We find a safer way to get our harmless nicotine fix, yet still enjoy the motions of smoking, and the revenue from those tobacco taxes starts to drop. The gov’t notices this drop in revenue, and tries to find out why. Then it’s go get the villainous vapers so we can get our money back. Make vaping bad so they can all go back to smoking, so we can continue to tell them how bad smoking is, and they should really quit. Then we can sell them our useless NRT’s, which we know don’t work anyway, but it gives our buddies in the drug companies money, and we get our tax revenue back. Oh, and we can use the “save the children” excuse to get the ball rolling.

      • Suzanne Says:

        Vap away! Enjoy it! I don’t know of any parent who would want their kid to even try e-cigs – and NO I did not ever experiment with any kind of cigarette (e or otherwise). Also, if you do a search on the web you will see that there are many health and safety concerns regarding e-cigs.

        I work with kids in the 15-25 age bracket and I see the RAVEGES OF ALL KINDS OF ADDICTIONS ON A DAILY BASIS and you are wrong when you say that kids can’t get them. Spend some time at the e-cig kiosk at the Alderwood Mall and you will notice that most of the clients are kids younger than 18.

      • Qorax Says:

        Bingoโˆš Well said buddy CMK ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Qorax Says:

      “…and you are wrong when you say that kids canโ€™t get them”. -Suzanne

      True. So do they the real cigarette. Then which is better, the “cancer-stick” with 4000+ chems, or the healthier “Personal Vaporizer”?

      Sure I don’t want them to have either, but kids’ who want – will get – by hook or by crook. By the way, that “those who want” sector will also Steal, Shoplift, Rape/Molest, Mug, Dope, Inject, Peddle, Voyeur and what not… but is that the norm? Is it with every kid? -No.

      The real test/task is within us, we parents, the elders and within the home. It’s how we take care of our kids, how we educate them, what morales we indoctrinate / imbibe in them, how we rare them.

      Now start banning ‘girls’ around your kids…

      What a Dumba55 Troll ๐Ÿ˜‰ A BT/BP Cohort ๐Ÿ˜€