For the 16th Year in a Row, Fireworks Are Illegal in Everett

June 24, 2013

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4th of July events in Everett, WA

You can’t possess fireworks in Everett but you can see them

Just a reminder that fireworks are illegal in the city of Everett. The Everett Police Department has put together a brochure that contains the answers to most any question you may have about what you can and cannot do with fireworks in Everett. Click here to see the full brochure.

Here’s the short version.
The possession and discharge of any type of firework in the City of Everett is against the law. This includes fireworks traditionally referred to as “Safe and Sane.” Possession and discharge of fireworks in the city was made unlawful in 1997 due to the large number of illegal fireworks and explosive devices brought into the city and the resulting injuries, fires, and community complaints.

This year, the Everett Police Department and the Everett Fire Department are actively involved in efforts to educate the community about the City of Everett Fireworks Ordinance (EMC 16.60). Specifically, the Police Department wants citizens to know that the possession and discharge of fireworks is unlawful and could result in warnings or actual enforcement of the ordinance through a criminal citation. Also, fireworks are subject to seizure to be destroyed after the 4th.

The City of Everett will have their annual “Thunder on The Bay” Fireworks show at 10:20pm over Port Gardner Bay between Jetty Island and the Snohomish River. There’s also a 4th of July parade, Food Fair and live music at Legion Park along with several other activities. We’ll list all of those in a future post or you can click here to visit the Everett 4th of July events page.

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