Multiple Crashes and a Tree on the Freeway Snarl Traffic In and Around Everett Saturday Afternoon

June 23, 2012

Everett, Police Blotter

8:00pm Update: Sad to report the man in the crash at 45th and Broadway has died from his injuries. Not sure if it was the weather, inattention or just bad timing, but multiple crashes snarled traffic in and around Everett at various times Saturday afternoon. Westbound Highway 526, Northbound I-5 just past the Everett Mall, Southbound I-5 near 529 into Everett and old Broadway near the cemetery were all tied up at some point Saturday. The worst collision as far as injuries appeared to be an accident in the 4500 block of Broadway where a Nissan pickup truck slammed into the bridge over I-5. One man was taken to an Everett hospital with very serious injuries. The Everett Police Collision Investigation Unit has been called out to take a further look at that crash. No word yet on a cause. Northbound I-5 also was hampered by a tree across two lanes of the freeway. It took DOT crews a couple of hours to get that cleared up.


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