Residents Battle Two Likely Arson Fires at Different Everett Apartments

June 23, 2012

Everett, Everett Fire

Paige Jenkins and Kurt Nottingham used fire extinguishers to stop the spread of a likely arson fire coming up from the apartment below.

Investigators from both the Everett Police and Fire departments are looking into two separate fires at apartment complexes on Casino Road early Saturday morning. According to Aaron Snell, Community Information Officer for the Everett Police Department, the two fires are considered suspicious and likely arson. Snell said they have not made a connection between the two fires at this time. The first fire was reported at 3:45am at 1515 West Casino Road. It was found in a stairwell and put out with a fire extinguisher. Damage there was fairly minimal. The second fire was reported at 4:49 AM at the Centrepoint Greens Apartments in the 8600 Block of 18th Ave. W. In that blaze, a vacant ground floor unit in the “F” building was on fire with flames shooting up the outside of the building and along the apartments above.

Kurt Nottingham and Paige Jenkins live in the apartment above where the fire started. “Flames were coming up and around and well over our balcony,” said Nottingham. “Our bedroom is right above where the fire was and I could hear the popping and crackling,” Jenkins added. “We sleep with our window open and that’s what alerted us to the fire.” Quick action by Nottingham and Jenkins likely saved the building and the lives of those inside. While Nottingham grabbed a small fire extinguisher from inside the apartment and started to attack the blaze on their deck, Jenkins went out the front door to get a fire extinguisher mounted on the wall outside. “I tried to break the glass to get the fire extinguisher out but I couldn’t so I ran back into the apartment and got my can opener to break the glass and get the extinguisher,” said Jenkins. She then went downstairs and around the back to fight the flames as Nottingham pulled the fire alarm and got their daughters and dogs out. He then helped her fight the fire which they were able to knock down. When asked why he used a small fire extinguisher to try to stop the fire instead of just running out Nottingham said, “How are you going to run when your family, the whole building is at risk? Bottom line, we were fortunate.”

A day earlier, Nottingham and Jenkins had just signed a lease for another year at the complex. Anyone who may have information about either fire is asked to call the Everett Police Tip Line at 425-257-8450.

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