Buying Gas in Everett, WA? Read the Fine Print

May 5, 2011

Everett, Everett Economy


How you pay decides how much you pay for gas in Everett, WA

3.99 for cash or oil company card, 4.05 for credit or debit

Using your debit card is not the same as using cash at this Everett Chevron station at the corner of Broadway and Everett avenues. The clerk inside told me that the owner, who also has four other stations was trying this as a promotion. So while you may think that AM/PM is the only one charging a fee for debit cards, if you get more than 8 gallons you’re also paying .48 cents for using your debit card. As a matter of fact, if you get 15 gallons at our example station, you’re paying twice what you would at an AM/PM with your debit card. The little lesson in all of this? It pays to shop around a bit and look closely at the signs as gas prices in Everett, WA continue their climb to $5.00 a gallon by summer.


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