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2 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Elaine Burt Says:

    When will the new Potala Farmers Market be up and running. I thought it was to be open in July or August. From the looks of the building it appears that there is a long way to go yet before the opening. Any idea on what the status is on the up and coming opening?? I’ve done searches on the web through several sites including the website for the company building it with no results concerning the opening, just rental info for the apts.

    Thank you
    Elaine Burt


  2. Donna Gleisner Says:

    We live just North of Hwy 2 and East of I-5 about 1.5 miles from downtown Everett, and this past Sunday mid afternoon we heard a lot of siren activity, maybe police and fire, multiple vehicles over 10-15 minutes. We thought maybe it was another brush fire along I-5,or something in downtown?

    But can’t find anything that happened that day in the paper or on your site. Any clues?

    Also our power just went out (Tuesday 2:35ishpm) and after 10 minutes is back on now, and I am hearing sirens again. Did someone run into a power pole? Thanks!


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