October 30, 2014


Reports of Man With A Gun Lead To Search of Everett Boeing Plant

Boeing gun call

At least 3 dozen police officers were involved in the search at the Everett Boeing plant.

Everett Police were assisted by officers from police agencies from as far away as Mountlake Terrace and Marysville after two workers at the Everett Boeing Plant reported seeing a man with a gun. Everett Police Public Information Officer Aaron Snell has the details…

Multiple law enforcement agencies respond to reports of a male carrying a rifle inside a building at the Boeing Everett main plant.

At 7:00 p.m. tonight, an employee called 911 to report a suspicious male carrying a rifle outside a building on the main grounds of Boeing Everett. The initial call was followed a short time later by a second employee calling 911 to report seeing a male carrying a weapon. Boeing Security, Everett Police and numerous area law enforcement agencies responded to contain the area. As officers searched the building, employees were evacuated. The two employees who called 911 were interviewed by officers.

At about 9:15 p.m., the search was concluded after the building and immediate area were deemed safe.

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October 30, 2014


Everett Clinic Proudly Posting Prices Publicly

Everett Clinic prices

The Everett Clinic is bringing price shopping to health care.

Yes the headline is a tongue twister but the story is pretty simple. The Everett Clinic has begun posting prices for those who self pay or choose not to use their insurance. In their press release The Everett Clinic is calling it “a bold and important step toward greater healthcare transparency.” Currently there are more than 30 categories from which you can see the full cost of service. Here are the details from April Zepada at the Everett Clinic…

The Everett Clinic is again leading the way in demystifying healthcare pricing for patients as one of the first large healthcare systems in the Pacific Northwest to post prices for all of its most frequently used services.

As of November 1st, The Everett Clinic will make price lists available in all departments in which patients make appointments, enabling patients to know in advance how much services will cost prior to insurance adjustments.

“The Everett Clinic will continue to champion transparency and healthcare reform efforts that keep costs down while ensuring high quality care,” said Rick Cooper, CEO of The Everett Clinic.

The Clinic, which began listing prices for its most commonly used imaging services in May, has added pricing in other departments since then. The addition on Nov. 1 of the Clinic’s Sleep Center, Hearing Aid Center and Vision Centers means that all departments that offer appointments now list prices for the most used services.

Dr. Al Fisk, Chief Medical Officer, said the Clinic is posting prices because patients deserve to know how much their cost will be prior to receiving treatment, especially now that many are paying a greater percentage of their healthcare costs.

“Higher deductibles and larger co-pays are requiring patients to pay more out-of-pocket for their healthcare,” Dr. Fisk said. “Listing prices helps patients make informed decisions and helps us determine whether the Clinic is providing effective and appropriate care at reasonable prices.”

The price lists, which can be found at, reflect self-pay or uninsured rates. Patients can find out prices for services not listed on the website by calling the Clinic directly at 425-258-3900.

More healthcare transparency should enable patients to work with their healthcare provider to determine their best medical options. Medical services costs can vary greatly among providers in the same geographic region. In many situations, the quality of care and outcomes are unrelated to costs, meaning patients may be paying more but not necessarily receiving better care.

The Clinic has long supported efforts that promote greater transparency for patients. A Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report issued this spring praised the Clinic for its efforts to lower healthcare costs and for supporting steps to increase healthcare transparency such as an all-payer claims database that would enable anyone to compare the cost of healthcare services from any provider.

The Clinic has been a leader in other healthcare reforms efforts that reduce patient care costs while maintaining quality.

For example, the Clinic developed an evidence-based guide for advanced imaging, cutting down on needless diagnostic tests. Physicians now order CT and MRI scans only when certain criteria are met. The effort has resulted in a reduction of unnecessary use of imaging services by 39 percent, saving patients, health plans and the Clinic more than $3.2 million each year.

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October 30, 2014

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Everett To Spend One Million Dollars On New Fire Truck

Hewitt Fire pictures

This ladder truck is currently used as a reserve rig.

The Everett City Council Wednesday night approved a contract to purchase a new ladder truck for $1,019,051.12. While that might sound like a lot of money for a single truck, Everett Fire Marshal Rick Robinson tells that its much more than just a fire truck…

The new apparatus is scheduled to replace our 24-year old 1989 E-One 95’ ladder platform apparatus, which cost $530,000 when it was purchased. The aerial apparatus has specific high-rise aerial rescue and fire extinguishment uses, and is also the main “tool box” (jaws of life, stabilization and extrication equipment and tools) for rescue and extrication emergencies for motor vehicle and other frequent high-intensity rescue operations. It also carries large fans for removing smoke from structures following a fire incident. Along with those capabilities, it also is staffed to support basic and advanced emergency medical responses. While the frequency of the use of the 95’ aerial platform for rescue and extinguishment is relatively low, there is nothing else in our fleet that can do that job when needed, and there is regular use of the “tools” for vehicle extrication, de-smoking of buildings, and rendering safe of emergency scenes.

This 1989 apparatus was originally scheduled to be replaced at the 20-year point, which is seen to be the crossover age for maintenance costs and reliability for fire apparatus where keeping an old vehicle operational loses its financial advantage. Replacement was delayed until now due to budget constraints during the bottom of the economic downturn. Only one response was received from the well-broadcast Request for Proposals (RFP) and that was by the Rosenbauer manufacturer. It’s likely that other ladder apparatus manufacturers could not provide the equipment within the budget available, nor meet the rear-axle weight restrictions to conform with Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) allowance for use on state highways and older bridges in our community.

We have a very robust apparatus committee that oversees the manufacturing process and keeps expenditures to at or under budgeted dollars. We have been successful in this process with the two latest Rosenbauer engine apparatuses, which were delivered last year.

The safety engineering and manufacturing quality assurance of any new apparatus, but especially an aerial apparatus, is extensive because of the human risk factors involved with emergency rescue operations for both the firefighters and the those being rescued. The new apparatus is envisioned to be safely maintained and in service for 20+ years.

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October 29, 2014


Jury Duty Scam Targeting Everett and Snohomish County Residents


Click the image to visit the Superior Court website

You don’t have to pay a fine if you miss jury duty and you can’t buy your way out of jury duty. Snohomish County officials are warning about a jury duty scam making the rounds in Everett and Snohomish County…


Snohomish County officials want the public to know if they receive a call from anyone telling them they owe money for failing to report for jury duty, don’t fall for it – it’s a scam.


Employees in the Snohomish County Clerk’s Office and in Superior Court have received nearly a dozen calls in the last few weeks from people who’ve been victims of the scam. The caller tells the victim they must immediately pay a fine to avoid issuance of an arrest warrant for failure to appear for jury duty. A couple of victims said they were contacted via email, not phone.


Anyone who receives a call or email like this should call 911 immediately. Snohomish County officials also ask victims to call the county’s jury management office at 425-388-3386 to report the incident.


“Jury duty plays a vital role in our justice system,” said Snohomish County Clerk Sonya Kraski. “It’s reprehensible that someone would play on people’s fears of not honoring their civic duty as a way to get money from them.”


Employees from the Clerk’s Office and Superior Court never ask jurors for payments of fines, nor do they ask past or prospective jurors for financial details such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or Social Security numbers, Kraski said.


Approximately 53,000 people were summoned for jury duty in Snohomish County in 2013.


For additional information about this scam, please contact Snohomish County Clerk Sonya Kraski at 425-388-3430 or or Superior Court Administrator Bob Terwilliger at 425-388-3798 or

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October 29, 2014


State Patrol Renews Call For Witnesses To Fatal Corvette Crash in South Everett

crashed vette

This happened in front of several witnesses. Please contact the State Patrol if you saw anything.

Passing along this request from the Washington State Patrol…

WSP Seeking Witnesses to Corvette Fatality Collision near Everett Mall

The Washington State Patrol Criminal Investigation Division (C.I.D.) is investigating a fatality collision involving a 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray that took place on October 10, 2014. The collision occurred at 1:25 PM on northbound I-5 at milepost 189, adjacent to the Everett Mall.

Several witnesses indicated that a white Chevrolet pickup truck with extended cab and white canopy was involved in the collision. Witnesses described the driver of the pickup as a Caucasian male. The driver apparently pulled over and stopped at the collision scene but then left before speaking with police.

WSP detectives need assistance identifying the driver of the pickup and would like to speak with anyone who stopped at the scene and had contact with that individual. If you saw or heard anything or know someone that did, please call C.I.D. Detective Jeffrey Rhue at (360) 654-1142.

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October 29, 2014


Hollywood Considers Everett “Evocatively Desolate”

7 Minutes

Can you identify the street in Everett where this shot was filmed? Picture from 7 Minutes Facebook page. Click to visit

Probably not the kind of description the city leaders will be putting under whatever is chosen as the new City of Everett logo but its the term used by the Hollywood Reporter in a review of the movie “7 Minutes” which was filmed in Everett last year. The movie made its debut at the Austin Film Festival earlier this week and producers are hoping for a distribution deal later this year. If that happens they promise a screening here in Everett.

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October 28, 2014


Voting For New City of Everett Logo Ends At 11:59pm Tonight

logo contest

One of the 800 suggestions…

With the total hovering around 4000 so far you have until 11:59pm tonight to cast your vote for a new City of Everett logo. City Public Information Director Meghan Pembroke tells there are five logos that have received 200 votes each. The logos from Great Britain and Russia aren’t drawing many votes. You can see all of the logos here and vote for your favorite. The city’s cultural arts commission is also helping to select an additional 15 semi-finalists that will be added to the leaders from the community voting.

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