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Panhandling NOT Against The Law In Everett

October 28, 2015


It has not been against the law to panhandle in Everett. There is a law on the books about aggressive panhandling that imposed a fine but no jail time. At today’s Everett City Council meeting, council members voted 4 – 2 (with Stonecipher and Gipson against and Roberts absent), to change the city’s aggressive panhandling […]

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Is Everett Declaring War Against Those Experiencing Homelessness?

April 11, 2015


Editor’s Note April 13th 6:40pm: Item #2 has been pulled from the agenda. Items 1 and 3 are still set to be voted on by the City Council. Activists from Seattle spoke at last week’s Everett City Council meeting warning that if the council passed three newly proposed ordinances the city would be met with […]

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