Dr. Janice Greene Announces Campaign for Everett Mayor

May 22, 2024

Everett Government

Janice Greene, a respected business leader, civil rights advocate, and longtime community member, has announced her candidacy for Mayor of Everett in the 2025 election.

Greene will challenge incumbent Mayor Cassie Franklin, and Scott Murphy, who announced his run on MyEverettNews one week ago.

Greene brings a wealth of experience from her 39-year career at Boeing, her role as President & CEO of the Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WEBC), Pacific Region, and her extensive work as a community advocate on various Boards, Committees, and leadership roles.

I have spent decades advancing equity and opportunities for workers, women, and underserved communities– always with a sense of teamwork and understanding,” said Greene, who is making her first run for political office. “I believe that by setting an example and working hard, you can build trust and get more done than through posturing and finger-pointing. There is too much of that in today’s divisive politics, and I want to change that in our community.

Greene, who holds a business PhD in strategy and program management, has built successful organizations throughout her years at Boeing, and WEBC Pacific. She began her Boeing career as a union line worker, a perspective that has informed her approach to leadership and connection with people throughout Everett.

Our great city of Everett stands at a critical juncture. As I speak with residents from all walks of life and dive deep into the data, a clear picture emerges: Everett faces real challenges, but we also have incredible opportunities to build a brighter future for all, especially for our hardworking residents who form the backbone of our community.

I know what it means to have a union paycheck, a steady job, and opportunities to advance,” said Greene. “We need a mayor who respects working people and unions. collaborates with business owners for beneficial community economic outcomes, who advocates for affordable housing and family stability, and attracts the kinds of businesses and quality jobs to our city that give every resident a pathway to success– including small and diverse business owners who create a vibrant business community.

In addition to focusing on jobs, housing, and affordability, Greene wants to make Everett a welcoming city for families with children, seniors, and new residents seeking opportunities to establish roots and build generational wealth.

From community centered public safety to maintaining a wonderful system of parks, playfields and community centers, Everett can and must be a place where people are welcome, supported and safe,” said Greene. “I want to bring a spirit of inclusion and pride to the city and provide the best services to the people of our city, and let the region know that Everett is a city for all.

While the election for Mayor isn’t until 2025, Greene felt driven to start early– not only to build support for her campaign, but to begin a listening process that she hopes will include Everett residents from all corners of the city and all walks of life.

I want to allow needed time to listen to the people of Everett and shape policies that improve lives for all the people of our city,” said Greene. “I’ve learned over many years of business and organizational leadership– and raising my family– that change takes time and requires clear communication and genuine appreciation for the perspectives and experiences of others. Instead of a traditional campaign, I want to really listen and learn. I’ve lived in Everett most of my life, but there is always more to learn.

Greene will formally kick off her campaign later this year but will commence this spring and summer on a series of community gatherings– in living rooms and coffee shops across the city. “I can’t wait to get started,” said Greene. “I’m excited for the future of Everett, and for the opportunity to bring new leadership, ideas, and a track record of success to this important role.

My friends, the challenges we face are significant, but so is our capacity for positive change. I have lived here almost all of my life and I know Everett is a city of resilience, innovation, and community spirit, and it is our working people who embody these qualities most of all,” said Dr.Greene. “By working together, by harnessing our collective strengths and creativity, we can overcome any obstacle and build a city that works for everyone, not just the privileged few.

This is the vision that drives Dr. Greene’s campaign and her commitment to public service. A vision of an Everett where every child receives a quality education, where every adult can find a good-paying job, where every senior can age with dignity, and where every neighborhood is safe, vibrant, and thriving. A vision of an Everett where our working families are the top priority, and where no one is left behind.

I invite you to join me in making this vision a reality. Let us seize the opportunities before us and face our challenges with courage, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to the hardworking people of Everett. Together, we can build a better Everett – an Everett of inclusion, innovation, and opportunity for all, especially for those who need it most,” said Dr. Greene.

Dr. Janice Greene is a resident of the Northwest Neighborhood of Everett, where she has lived for 35 years. For more information visit www.votegreene.com

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