WSU Everett Cougar Pride Statue Arrives on Campus

April 18, 2024

Everett Schools

The WSU Everett campus now has their own Cougar Pride statue to match statues on other WSU campuses.

The statue was donated by Gary Schneidmiller, 1971 graduate of Washington State University. Gary donated this statue, and the others, to celebrate the cherished tradition of a live cougar mascot at WSU, spanning more than half a century, from 1927 to 1978.

Six different cougars served as the school’s mascot and lived in a cage located adjacent to the football stadium, which became known as Butch’s Den. The tradition came to end with the passing of Butch VI in 1978.

Eventually there will be Cougar Pride statues in all six WSU campuses, all crafted by Mike Fields.

The cougar sculpture is 14-feet, 5-inches long nose to tail, 6-feet, 4-inches wide, weighing in at approximately 4,500 pounds. The cougar itself stands 11-feet, 4-inches high.

The process of making the statue is documented here and is quite fascinating. It starts with a digital Zbrush file that which was used to cut special foam with a CNC machine. Then a layer of clay was added all in an effort to make a mold panels for pouring the molten bronze. Then an extensive welding, sandblasting, and a patina process.

The original Butch statue was made for the WSU campus in 2008. Sixteen years later, Everett now has its own.

In a previous statement, Gary Scheidmiller said: “I am hopeful that Cougars everywhere rekindle and reconnect with that special WSU feeling when they visit Butch.”

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