Highlights of the Everett Mayor’s State of the City Speech

March 21, 2024

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The Everett Mayor’s 2024 State of the City event was different this year. The event took place in Everett Mall, packing in hundreds of local business leaders and city staff in the hallways of a building that was once far more popular.

Fittingly, Mayor Cassie Franklin delivered each section of her speech by sharing the early history of Everett, then fast forwarding to what is happening today. There seems to be concerted effort to bring life back to a city they laid dormant far too long.

This year we’re already seeing new occupants to now 50-year-old Everett Mall and there are plans to bring more, including what is being dubbed “The Hub at Everett”—a more walkable version that will complete construction in 2026.

The one thing missing this year from the Mayor’s speech was a specific priorities (here’s what was expected). You can watch the full speech here. Below we share highlights of the speech:

Addiction Treatment:

“Incorporating social workers was a big step for our city, but now we want, and need, to think bigger. First, we are launching an innovative, new pilot program that will bring addiction treatment directly to those who need it the most, eliminating barriers to receiving help.”

“Our next big step will be launching an alternate response program – creating a new option for how our city responds to calls for service involving individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis.”

In many situations the Police or EMS are not necessary. With alternate response, the city would send trained behavioral health specialists to work with the individual in crisis to de-escalate and connect them to relevant services – with the goal of long- term health and stability.

The mayor shared a story about her own brother Chris, who struggled for years with untreated behavioral health issues and addiction.

Housing and homelessness:

“Nearly half our residents devote more than 30% of their income towards housing. And for some, it’s over 50%. We’re lacking diversity of housing options at all price points. Plus, significant population growth is on the horizon.”

“…we must continue to be fiercely pro-housing.”

“Over the past five years, we have made progress on housing – adding over 2,400 homes throughout the city. And there are 2,200 more in progress or to come soon.”


“By replacing our in-ground reservoirs, we are building our water resiliency for the next century.”

“Soon, we will start construction on the Edgewater Bridge replacement – which will ensure safe travel along West Mukilteo Boulevard for drivers, bikers, pedestrians and everyone who uses the roadway. And we’re working with EvCC on a new pedestrian bridge that would make it easier and safer to cross Broadway Avenue by the college.”


“And much like the street cars of the past, we are working towards having a fully electric fleet – with 19 electric buses in service and more on the way.”


“For nearly 60 years, much of the area was used as a landfill and then became the site of the infamous tire fires in the 80s. Thanks to the foresight and advocacy of past city leaders, this formerly vacant site is being reborn as a bustling, riverside hub. Hundreds of homes have already been added, with more to come, along with new commercial, retail and business spaces..”


“For the past six years of my Administration and for many years prior, we’ve advocated for growth of the base, so it’s exciting to see that happening in just a few short years. In 2028, we will start receiving the 12 Constellation-class frigates that are scheduled to homeport in Everett – we look forward to welcoming these new ships, sailors and their families to our community.”

Clean Tech

“Helion and Zap are leaders in fusion power generation; And I’m hopeful that this year they’ll crack the code on making their technologies more widely available. Both built new, expanded facilities in 2023!”

“Last year, MagniX’s electric engines powered Eviation’s electric plane on its maiden voyage. MagniX also delivered an electric propulsion unit to NASA!”

“And ZeroAvia, named America’s Top Green tech company by TIME magazine, looks forward to their first commercial sales of zero-emission, hydrogen-electric engines next year.”

Stadium project

“AquaSox were recently elevated to a higher caliber of play which is fantastic, but with that came new field requirements from Major League Baseball – which our Funko Field sadly does not meet.”

“Our City is carefully considering the options: remodel Funko Field, build something new at the current site, or build a new Stadium downtown.”

“Our State has also stepped up with a large 7.4-million-dollar investment towards a new stadium.”

Investing Today, For Tomorrow

“In the 1890’s, the Silver Panic hit the United States causing an economic depression so severe the city had to shut off its streetlights. Around this same time, Everett was also battling the City of Snohomish to claim the title of being the county seat. Local Everett business and community leaders united on a full-scale campaign because they whole heartedly believed in our city and its future.”

“Ultimately, the effort was a success – we became the county seat in 1897 and our residents celebrated the win for our scrappy, young city. This forever changed the course for our history and put us on the path we’re on today.”

“Like then Everett is facing some serious challenges – we have a financial deficit, a housing and
drug crisis, and more. But that’s what actually makes this the perfect time for us to consider big, innovative ideas and take bold steps.”

“Throughout our history, this city has encountered and overcome many difficult situations. Time and time again, we’ve seen our leaders and this community swing for the fences – giving it their all and leaving everything they have on the field, in the pursuit of a brighter tomorrow and a better future.”

“And against the odds, these efforts and bold investments have led to so many great new beginnings.”

“Everett always has and always will be a place for innovation, for making important things, starting businesses as well as families – building homes and creating community.”

“And we will remain a place that honors our past by living up to the legacy and values of those who came before us – and having an unwavering belief in what can be accomplished when we work together.”

“This is who we are here – and what Everett represents… It’s my honor to be your mayor.”


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