Everett Library View of Potential Annexation to Sno-Isle

Everett Public Library SystemAs part of balancing the budget, the Everett City Council has considered annexing the Everett Library System into the Sno-Isle Library System.

When first discussed, the council mentioned the current library system being opposed, but in later meetings they sounded more receptive to the idea. We can now set the rumors aside as the Everett Public Library Board of Trustees have spoken.

Here’s the letter the Library Board sent to the City Council:

Honorable members of the Everett City Council,

The Board of Trustees of the Everett Public Library is concerned over the structural deficit facing the city of Everett and its potential impacts on library services for our community. Our library provides community services and safe spaces which have immeasurable impact on public safety, education, economic mobility, connectivity, and freedom of information.

Our top priority is to preserve and grow library services within Everett. Ideally, we would like to see that service continue as the Everett Public Library System. Our residents are proud of their city and its services, and our library has a history and collection that are unique to our local community. However, we encourage City Council to explore all of our options to best serve the people of Everett, including potential annexation into the Sno-Isle Library System.

We ask that our Library Director and the Board be included in this process as equal partners, and that the exploration include several specific research items, including but not limited to:

  • Ensuring worker protections for EPLS staff
  • Assessment of the impact of annexation to library services for the residents of Everett
  • Assurance that Everett will have significant representation on the Sno-Isle Library Board as a large urban center joining a rural library system with differing service needs
  • Projections on the fiscal status of the Sno-Isle Library System post-annexation and the likelihood of a library levy in the next four years

Finally, we ask that the City Council and Mayor’s office include mitigation planning for library services if an annexation vote fails and other revenue options do not shore up the budget, and we ask to be centered in those discussions as well.

Thank you for your service to our community. We look forward to continued dialogue in the coming months.

Everett Public Library Board of Trustees

Rebecca Frevert, President
Joshua Glasgow
Jennifer Gordon
Brian Hennessy
Tondi Rainey

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