Schwab Elected As President Of City Council In Everett, Washington

January 3, 2024

Everett Government

2024 Everett City Council

The 2024 Everett City Council

Don Schwab was elected as President of the Everett City Council for 2024 and Ben Zarlingo as Vice President. They were the only two members nominated.

Both won by a vote of 5 – 2 with Paula Rhyne and Liz Vogeli voting No and Scott Bader, Don Schwab, Mary Fosse, Ben Zarlingo and Judy Tuohy voting Yes.

Paula Rhyne and Mary Fosse both spoke of how the vote and process seemed to go against the wishes of councilmember’s statements during and after least year’s council vote.

Fosse asked that the process be reviewed to ensure more councilmembers had a real opportunity to serve in leadership roles on Everett City Council.

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