Commercial Burglaries On Rise In Everett, Washington

September 5, 2023

Police Blotter


In a few hours last Monday three commercial burglaries occurred within a few hours all using the same method.

Been hearing more commercial burglaries happening in Everett, Washington over the police scanner lately. checked with Everett Police and the numbers are showing an upward trend.

There seem to be two primary methods.

In the first, a vehicle backs into a business smashing the door and multiple people enter and take what they can quickly grab.

In the other method a single person takes a large rock and breaks a glass door or window and goes inside.

In both methods the burglars are in and out in about two minutes.

Some statistics from Everett Police Public Information Officer Ora Hamel:

  • Number of commercial burglaries in Everett in the month of August 2022? 35
  • Number of commercial burglaries in Everett in the month of August 2023? 41
  • Number of commercial burglaries in Everett this year? (01/01/23 – 08/31/23) 332
  • Number of commercial burglaries in Everett in 2022? (01/01/22 – 08/31/22) 388
    Hamel offered the following suggestions for business owners in Everett.

    If businesses have the ability, the use of bollards or large planters to block vehicles from driving through the windows may help the business to not be an easy target.

    Post incident-having a good surveillance system that has the ability to catch clear photos of suspects or vehicles is very helpful to aid in the identification of suspects.


    In August, Commercial Burglaries stretched across Everett.

    Everett Police have a link to their Community Crime Map where you are able to see the type of crime and general neighborhood of many crimes within the City Limits.

    You can click here to access the map and then type Everett, Washington as the location. Let the map load and then click the filter button to select the type of crime and date range of interest. It does take a moment to load.

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