Everett Police Guns For Gift Cards Event Collects 256 Firearms In Exchange For $38,875.00 In Gift Cards

August 13, 2023

Police Blotter


People began lining up 30 minutes before the event began.

A lieutenant carries long guns and a pistol.

An officer collects unloaded guns from the trunk of a participant.

One of multiple boxes of handguns.

Garbage barrels full of long guns filled the back of a property room van.

Sunday between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM Police in Everett, Washington brought in 256 Firearms from folks in Everett and Snohomish County. Police had a budget of $50,000.00 in gift cards and ended up giving out $38,875.00 worth according to Lt. Geoffrey Albright who was onsite overseeing the event which was held in the parking lot of the former Walmart store in the 11400 block of Evergreen Way in south Everett.

Lt. Albright said the unused gift cards would be held for a future event. The $50k for the gift cards was authorized by the City Council earlier this year and came from the City of Everett’s Covid Relief Funds.

As far as what happens to the firearms people brought to the event, here’s an explanation from the Everett Police Department’s Guns For Gift Cards webpage.

All firearms will be checked to see if they are stolen or have been used in any crimes. If the weapon is not stolen or used in a crime, it will be properly destroyed by the Everett Police

Firearms with significant historical value may be converted to department property for display purposes only.

Firearms with unloading and clearing mechanisms that have training value for department personnel may be converted to department property for training purposes only. Such weapon will be destroyed in the event that it ceases to have training value for department staff.

If the weapon is stolen or determined to have been used in the commission of a crime, the firearm will be impounded as evidence and not destroyed unless and until its evidentiary value has dissipated. Participants who submit a firearm that is determined to be stolen or related to criminal activity may be properly investigated for their role in any criminal activity related to
the firearm.

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