Police In Everett, Washington Set “Guns For Gift Cards” Event For August 13th

July 19, 2023

Everett, Police Blotter

The Everett Police Department has announced a date for their second “Guns for Gift Cards” event for August 13th at the former Wal-Mart parking lot at 11400 Evergreen Way in south Everett, Washington. Here’s more information if you’re interested.

Guns for gift cards

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The Everett Police Department will host its second Guns for Gift Cards exchange on Sunday, August 13th, 2023 at the old Wal-Mart parking lot at 11400 Evergreen Way from 10am-2pm, with Everett residents having priority from 10am-12pm.

This year’s event will have improved traffic flow control and additional personnel to process the exchanges, resulting in less wait time for participants.

We also have twice ($50,000) the amount of gift cards for firearm exchanges.

The buyback program provides residents of Everett and Snohomish County with a voluntary option to legally dispose of unwanted firearms in exchange for pre-paid VISA gift cards.

The Guns for Gift Cards exchange is one part of a broader strategy in EPD’s efforts to reduce gun violence in our community.

Each relinquished firearm lessens the chance it may fall into the wrong hands and be used in a gun-related crime or suicide.

During the first Guns for Gift Cards exchange in December 2022, the Everett Police Department had 241 firearms turned in!
Guns collected:

  • Handguns-123
  • Long guns-109
  • ARs / AKs-9
  • $25,000 in gift cards were exchanged.
    Q. Are gun buybacks effective?
    A. For individual households, gun buyback programs lessen the likelihood of gun violence, whether accidental or intentional, occurring in the home. There are many households that have firearms that are unwanted and unused, such as inherited firearms, and people are unsure of how to dispose of them. The buyback program gives our community an option to legally dispose of the unwanted firearms, lessening the chance they fall into the wrong hands and are used in gun-related crimes or suicides. Buyback programs are one part of a broader effort to reduce gun violence and serve as opportunities to educate communities about gun violence reduction strategies.

    Q. Is this a violation of my rights to legally own firearms?
    A. EPD has no intention of taking away a responsible gun owner’s firearms. This voluntary program is geared toward those who are uncomfortable with the firearms in their home or
    have no use for their firearms any longer, affording them a safe, legal way to dispose of their firearms.

    Q. What happens to guns that are turned in?
    A. All firearms will be checked to see if they are stolen or have been used in any crimes. If the weapon is not stolen or used in a crime, it will be properly destroyed by the Everett Police
    Department. Firearms with significant historical value may be converted to department property for display purposes only. Firearms with unloading and clearing mechanisms that have training value for department personnel may be converted to department property for training purposes only. Such weapon will be destroyed in the event that it ceases to have training value for department staff. If the weapon is stolen or determined to have been used in the commission of a crime, the firearm will be impounded as evidence and not destroyed unless and until its evidentiary value has dissipated. Participants who submit a firearm that is determined to be stolen or related to criminal activity may be properly investigated for their role in any criminal activity related to the firearm.

    Q. Where did the funding for the gift cards come from?
    A. The gun buyback is funded through the City’s new COVID Relief Program.

    Q. Can I purchase guns from people who are at the event to turn theirs in?
    A. No. The law requires private buyers and sellers to conduct a firearms transaction through a federally licensed firearm dealer (FFL). Unlawful transfer of a firearm is a criminal offense
    subject to enforcement. (RCW 9.41.115). Transfers to law enforcement are exempted from formal transfer requirements (RCW 9.41.113(4)(e)). Individuals are not allowed to impede event traffic on the street, sidewalk, or parking lot (EMC 10.48).

    Click here to see a list of rules and regulations covering this event.


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