Planning Study Underway For I-5/US2 Interchange In Everett

December 4, 2022


Map of the study area. Click to participate in the open house.

For years one of the biggest bottlenecks for traffic in Everett, Washington has been the area of the U.S. 2 interchange with I-5 in the heart of the city. In an attempt to plan multiple transportation projects for the future the City of Everett and area governments are participating in a planning study and want your input. Here’s more information and a link to the study.

Welcome to the online open house for the I-5/US-2 Interchange Planning Study
Where US 2 and I-5 meet is a busy area for traffic. Two highways, on- and off-ramps and local streets all come together at different elevations. Known as an interchange, we are studying it and the effects of other area projects to accommodate future growth and development in the region. We want your feedback and thoughts because understanding the experiences and goals of the community as a whole is essential for planning the future of this area.

Background and introduction
Snohomish County is the second fastest-growing county in Washington, and the City of Everett serves as the engine of its economy.

The Everett area is a regional growth center, with significant business, governmental and cultural facilities. As the City evolves from its former industrial roots, it is working toward expanding mixed-use development to increase housing and retail in the city center and around Everett Station.

This development will support having walkable neighborhoods close to regional rail, local transit and employment.  

Based on planned growth, traffic forecasting and the expansion of the US 2 West Trestle, we anticipate higher demand for all modes of travel, including more traffic to flow through the I-5/US 2 interchange in the coming years.

Morning traffic volumes on the I-5 corridor north of Everett are predicted to increase by 20 percent by 2040, while traffic on the US 2 trestle at the Snohomish River crossing will increase by about 35 percent.

The I-5/US 2 interchange, which is already congested during peak travel periods, is at the hub of this growing demand.

Alleviating this anticipated congestion is critical to meeting the City’s commitments to providing safe pathways for pedestrians and cyclists.

Here’s the link to the City of Everett website with more information. Feedback is being accepted through January 13, 2023.


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