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The shop is at 2809 Colby in downtown Everett.

The shop is open, casual and accessible.

“I’m a tea collector.” That’s what Jennifer Ellis had to say as she marked one year of operating Chai Cupboard, a bulk loose leaf tea shop that also offers herbs and spices in downtown Everett, Washington.

Chai Cupboard is located at 2809 Colby Avenue and is open Tuesday – Saturday from 11:00 AM – 5:30 PM.

During our visit this past week we asked Jennifer what prompted her to open the shop.

“My husband and I are long-time tea drinkers and had been waiting for Everett to get a tea shop that offered the opportunity to be eco-friendly with sustainable practices,” she told us. “When that never came along, we decided to open a place and make it happen.”

The shop sells their tea, herbs and spices in bulk and allows customers to bring in their own containers to refill.

“We want to build a consistent, established and welcoming place here in downtown Everett where people can buy a little bit as they need and then bring their jar back when it’s time for more,” said Jennifer.

While we were there, one of the customers overheard us talking and expressed their feelings, “These guys are awesome, and the prices are awesome too!” she said. ” I would recommend anyone come into this tea shop.”

Jennifer told us she wants the shop to be a benefit to the community. A place that is casual as possible with no barriers of pride, culture or class.

The shop continues to see a good number of new customers knowledgeable about teas and spices.

Jennifer is happy to take and research product requests to add to an ever-growing collection of sustainable supplies for cup and kitchen.

The shop opened during the Pandemic so while that didn’t have a particular impact, Jennifer is experiencing what many other small business owners have found as we move forward.

Supply chain issues have made it hard to get various random things and there have been some unexpected price jumps from her vendors.

“We’ve had four significant price jumps in one year from one supplier,” said Jennifer. “So that’s been interesting.”

She continues to keep prices down and products accessible. While they don’t have an online store you can download a price sheet for all of their herbs, spices and teas from their website and place a call-in order at (425) 404-4022.

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