Everett Police Recover Anti-Tank Weapon After Felon Runs From Anti-Crime Team

January 15, 2022

Police Blotter

Photo provided by Everett Police Department.

Kind of an amazing photo provided by the Police Department in Everett, Washington after their anti-crime team and gang response units chased a wanted felon Thursday night at an Everett apartment complex. Here’s the story released by EPD to social media Saturday morning.

On Thursday evening officers assigned to our Gang Response and Anti-Crime Units located the vehicle of a male with a felony Department of Corrections (DOC) warrant for manslaughter who was also a suspect in a felony assault out of another jurisdiction. Our team of officers conducted surveillance of the vehicle until the suspect was seen leaving his apartment and attempting to enter the vehicle. Officers made contact with the suspect, but he fled on foot. While running he drew a handgun from his waistband, running with it in his hand for about 10-15 feet, before throwing it. Officers were eventually able to catch up to him and took him into custody.
The handgun was recovered and determined to be a stolen firearm. A DOC search was conducted of the suspect’s apartment and inside officers recovered an M72 Anti-Tank weapon (LAW) with no explosive projectiles, a loaded rifle drum magazine, several pistol lowers with no serial numbers, and armor piercing .223 rounds.
Thanks to the hard work of our officers this suspect was booked into jail on his outstanding warrant and other charges and these items are now off our streets and in our custody!

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