Everett PD Catalytic Converter ID Project Off To Good Start

August 21, 2021

Police Blotter

The VIN number is engraved on the Catalytic Converter which then receives a coat of red paint.

Participants are given a sticker to place in the car window as a deterrent.

Dozens of people had their vehicle’s VIN number engraved on their catalytic converter which was then painted red during the first Everett Police Department Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention program on Saturday.

It’s called Project Cat Con ID and the hope is to deter thefts of catalytic converters by letting thieves know the converter has a traceable number and paint scheme that will make them harder to sell. There are also stickers for those who have participated to put on their car to deter thieves.

In addition to the deterrent factor, the number will let police tie converters that may be in someone’s possession back to a specific vehicle and theft case making it possible to prosecute them for possession of stolen property.

Dozens of vehicles had their VIN numbers recorded during the first event held by Everett Police at the City Shop. The process went so fast that people without appointments were encouraged to come by and take part in the process which was free.

Additional events are expected to be scheduled in coming weeks and Everett Police hope to partner with Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center in south Everett to streamline the program and provide additional opportunities. If you’d like to learn more here’s a link to the Everett Police Department web page about the program.

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