7-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand Temporary Location Is A Popular Place

August 15, 2021


Editor’s Update 1:35 PM: In just four hours Elsa’s lemonade stand raised $672.00 for the Everett Gospel Mission.

Elsa pauses for a quick photo while setting up her stand Sunday morning.

She made a thank you poster for Steve Jermyn at the Totem Diner.

The stand is ready to go.

The price seems right for a warm Sunday morning.

Elsa serves up another lemonade.

Every year 7-year-old Elsa LaMaine, who lives in Everett, Washington hosts a lemonade stand to raise money for the Everett Gospel Mission. This year when she set up her stand in Rucker Park it was shut down after a complaint to the Everett Parks Department. You can see the story as told by KING 5 TV here. After the story aired Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin said a mistake had been made and spoke with Elsa’s family.

Also after seeing the story, Steve Jermyn who owns the Totem Diner reached out to Elsa’s family and offered a temporary location for the stand so she could accomplish her yearly mission of raising money for the Everett Gospel Mission.

Today the stand is set up in front of the Totem and people are dropping by to donate to Elsa’s effort. The stand will be in operation until 1 PM. Here are a couple MyEverettNews.com photos as things got started.

We’ll provide an update on the money raised.


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