Everett Station Area Won’t See Light Rail Until 2041

August 6, 2021


Click to read the Resolution covering how costs will be tracked.

Timelines for the North end projects under the Affordable Schedule.

As we first reported in June, Light Rail to the Everett Station area won’t happen as voters were promised under ST3 in 2016. Back then the north end of the so-called spine between Tacoma and Everett, Washington was to be completed in 2036. After a special meeting Thursday the Sound Transit Board of Directors voted to adopt a realignment plan under what is being called the “Affordable Schedule.” (Here is the link to the plan and documents)

In a press release Sound Transit explained the situation as follows. The steep rise in real estate and construction costs in the region in combination with advancing environmental review and project designs have driven up cost estimates for future transit expansions, contributing to a $6.5 billion affordability gap for delivering projects on earlier schedules. While projects already in construction are not affNected, the adopted realignment plan will guide the delivery dates for the next generation of voter-approved projects.

While light rail from Lynnwood to the Everett Station area of Everett was supposed to happen in one fell swoop the plan now is for light rail to come in phases. First to the Mariner Park and Ride area off 128th and then over to the industrial area somewhere near Boeing and Paine Field in 2037. Then light rail from southwest Everett to the Everett Station area would happen in 2041. The plan does not include any parking for the Mariner or Southwest Everett stops and parking at Everett Station wouldn’t happen until 2046. Sound Transit will also ask the City of Everett to help pay for that parking facility.

Plans approved Thursday also included an Operations and Maintenance facility to be built by 2034 somewhere near south Everett that would store and service 150 light rail cars.


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