High-Tech Fusion Power Project Coming To Southwest Everett

July 28, 2021

Everett Economy

The facility will be in the 1300 – 1400 block of 75th street SW. Image provided by Helion.

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Left to Right Governor Jay Inslee, Helion Energy CEO David Kirtley, Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin. Photo courtesy Helion.

Tuesday there was a groundbreaking for a new high-tech power plant coming to southwest Everett.

Helion, currently based in Redmond is looking to bring its headquarters to Everett, Washington along with 150 jobs as the company works to create zero-carbon electricity through fusion.

Governor Jay Inslee joined Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin at the groundbreaking along with other dignitaries. Here’s an overview from Helion on Tuesday’s events and their future plans for Everett.

Helion Energy (Helion), a clean energy company committed to creating a new era of zero-carbon electricity through fusion, today broke ground on the next iteration of its fusion facility in Everett, Washington. The new facility will accelerate Helion’s efforts to build the world’s first commercially-viable fusion power plant.

“Washington is proud to be the home of world-leading pioneers developing affordable, clean energy solutions,” said Governor Jay Inslee. “It’s a great milestone that Helion is now ready to commercialize their innovative technology. With this new facility, Helion and Washington are taking game-changing action to address the climate crisis.”

Helion is developing a cost-effective, zero-carbon electrical power plant using its patented pulsed, non-ignition fusion technology. Helion’s fusion power plant will provide flexible, scalable, baseload power that is affordable, providing the world a new path to full decarbonization of electricity generation.

Helion’s new facility will bring over 150 high-quality and long-term jobs to Everett and the surrounding communities, positioning Washington and Snohomish County at the forefront of the world’s efforts to transition to a clean energy future. The new jobs created by Helion’s fusion facility also align with Everett’s efforts to create more opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and draw from the extensive STEM talent pool already in the community.

“Helion is going to change the world! I’m so grateful this amazing, innovative company has chosen Everett for this new fusion facility,” said Everett Mayor, Cassie Franklin. “Clean energy is the future – and that future starts here.”

“At this facility, Helion will close in on its goal of breaking the fusion barrier and pushing the world towards the end of the fossil fuel era,” said Dr. David Kirtley, Founder and CEO of Helion Energy. “Helion has deep roots in Washington, having spent the last eight-plus years here researching and developing a technology with unparalleled implications for reshaping how the world obtains its energy. We are enormously proud to have Governor Inslee and Mayor Franklin, leaders and advocates of climate action and STEM innovation in attendance today, at the groundbreaking of our facility’s construction.”

About Helion
By applying proven and patented technologies, Helion is working towards building the world’s first commercially-viable fusion power plant which runs on a fuel that can be derived from water. Their zero-carbon solution is capable of low-cost 24/7 power generation that replaces the energy sources the world currently relies on, enabling a future with limitless, reliable and affordable clean electricity.

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