Everett Does Not Expect Chlorine Issue To Affect Water Supply

June 18, 2021


Everett remains in the advisory stage.

Some cities in the Northwest are ordering water conservation measures due to a shortage in the supply of chlorine. Officials with Everett Public Works say Everett’s water supply does not appear to be affected. (Still they’d like customers to conserve). Here’s a press release sent out from the City late Friday afternoon.

Supplies of sodium hypochlorite (chlorine), a chemical used in treating drinking water, are temporarily being impacted by an equipment failure at a manufacturing plant in Longview, Wash. Everett Water Utility has chlorine reserves and expects to maintain normal operations. Everett’s drinking water continues to be safe to drink and use normally, and they have ample supply for the rest of the year.

“Because of the temporary chlorine shortage, we may experience some constraints in our treatment options for a brief period,“ said Jeff Marrs, Everett’s operations superintendent. “Out of an abundance of caution and to extend our chlorine supplies, we are asking for the public to be mindful of their water use and conserve when possible. Great ways to do that include limiting outdoor use, such as watering lawns, washing cars and filling hot tubs or pools.”

It’s important to note that Everett is only providing the public with information about a potential need to conserve. Everett’s supplier has said they are prioritizing drinking water and wastewater treatment customers over all other customers, and all indications are that the supply chain disruption will be brief.

More information is available at everettwa.gov/chlorine. Sign up to receive Water Utility Updates at everettwa.gov/notifyme.

Everett is in the Advisory stage of its water usage contingency plan. Should conditions warrant, the Utility may implement other water conservation measures in its four-step progression:

Advisory – informational and request public use water wisely *current stage*
Voluntary – voluntary cooperation to meet set demand-reduction goals
Mandatory – Utility implements limitations or restrictions on water use
Emergency – emergency restrictions that may include surcharges

Editor’s note: You can click here for more background on what happened and Frequently Asked Questions


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