Business with Word “Nazi” In The Name Creating Stir In Downtown Everett

Editor’s Update 6:00 PM: As word spread of the sign today the word “Nazi” was covered over in black.

Late Wednesday afternoon the word “Nazi” was covered.

A new business takes the name used in an episode of the “Seinfeld” television series and puts it above the front door and that is creating all kinds of talk both in downtown Everett as well as online. Here’s the sign.

We’ve blurred the address and some offensive terms spray painted on the business. It also appears a window has been broken.Click photo to enlarge.

The business does not yet appear to be open but already the City has received a number of complaints about the sign.

Here’s what Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin had to say regarding the sign on her Facebook Page today.

I’ve been made aware of a new business in Everett whose name is concerning.
The City of Everett is a Safe City and strives to be inclusive and welcoming for all residents and visitors. Unfortunately, recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions have greatly restricted the City’s authority to regulate the wording of signs and largely prohibits the City from banning signs based on the hateful or offensive wording in that sign. However, we strongly urge and prefer that our businesses not use hateful, culturally-insensitive, derogatory or offensive wording or images in their signage or business materials. We will continue to look into this and hope to work in partnership with our business community to ensure all our residents feel safe.

We attempted to contact someone at the business but were unsuccessful. We did talk to a few people on the street who were upset about the name. Another person told us people need to relax and if they don’t like it, don’t patronize the business.

We’ll continue to follow this and let you know what, if anything comes of it.

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