Amazon Cameras Spotted On Sidewalks In North Everett

November 25, 2020



This camera gathers info on streets in Everett to help “Scout” safely navigate. Photo credit: Bill McKinlock

Another look thanks to Bill McKinlock

Today we received a photo and video from reader Bill McKinlock after he spotted an unusual vehicle on the sidewalk of his street in north Everett.

The small vehicle looks like a robot with multiple cameras and is accompanied by an operator with a controller.

After a bit of crowd sourcing, we were advised it was likely an item being used by Amazon.

We reached out to Amazon and heard back from Amazon’s Av Zammit who confirmed that it is part of the training system for “Scout”, a new delivery system which has been in trials in Snohomish County for some time.

“We are carrying out a survey to train our systems; this navigational data aids in safe operations,” said Amazon Spokesperson, Av Zammit.

The Scout delivery robot. Photo courtesy Amazon.

During Halloween Scout was decorated and delivered goodies along with customer orders. Photo Credit: Amazon

An Amazon blog post explains that Scout s a fully-electric delivery system designed to safely get packages to customers using autonomous delivery devices.

Scout is the size of a small cooler and rolls along sidewalks at a walking pace.

Amazon says Scout can safely and efficiently navigate around pets, pedestrians and other obstacles in its path.

Scout deliveries began in parts of Snohomish County in 2019 and the system is being tested in other areas of the country.

You can learn more about Scout here.


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