Everett Trying To Balance Parking Enforcement And Boosting Business

August 5, 2020

Everett Government

More parking enforcement is coming back to downtown Everett.

Last week the Everett Police Department announced they would be cracking down on overtime parking as concerns over people ignoring time limits in the downtown core were becoming an issue. Today the City of Everett announced that business owners, particularly restaurants could apply to have parking spots in front of their businesses fenced off to allow more room to service customers in an open air setting. We asked the City of Everett about the balance of the two and received the following response from Julio Cortes, a Senior Communications Officer with the city.

We are taking a balanced approach to continue parking enforcement of time limit violations while providing much needed support to our small businesses. The Everett Streatery Program is optional and will allow businesses to apply to temporarily utilize some of the city-owned parking in front of their own business. If the business does not want to take up parking in front of their business, they also have the option of applying to use city-owned sidewalk/right of way too. The program will cap applications per block in order to not exceed taking up more than 25% of available parking. The City and the Downtown Everett Association did outreach to businesses and the response was that this program would be a benefit to them.

The parking enforcement focus is in response to the lack of turn over reported by businesses because of people returning to work in the downtown area and utilizing street parking instead of parking garages. According to the Downtown Everett Association, as soon as the announcement about parking enforcement went out, they have seen an uptick in the use of the EverPark Garage. During these unprecedented times we hope our community joins us in safely and responsibly supporting our small businesses from all over the City.

Any business who wants more outdoor room can apply. See details below.

The Everett Streatery program is a free and simple way for businesses in Everett to expand their dining areas by utilizing some of the public right-of-way space around their business.

Choose an option
Businesses can choose from a few different options to create a program that works best for their unique location and business model. These options are:

Parking zone cafe
This is a brand new program that we created in response to the recent rollbacks intended to slow the spread of COVID-19. This program allows businesses to temporarily utilize some of the city-owned parking and expand into the curb-side sidewalk area in front of their business to create an outdoor dining area while government-mandated indoor dining restrictions are in effect. The program is free and it even includes temporary fencing delivered at no cost.

To apply for a parking zone cafe, simply fill out this application form.
Once you apply, a member from our team will email or call you to confirm your application is under review. If necessary, they will help you to work out any issues or small details.

Once your application is approved, a member from our team will work with you to coordinate delivery of the fencing and other traffic control items.

Sidewalk zone cafe
The backside of the sidewalk against the building is called the “sidewalk zone.” Creating cafe seating in this area is simple and free, and permits are issued on an annual basis. Simply fill out this annual right-of-way permit application (PDF) and email it to permit services at everetteps@everettwa.gov

Streatery Zone Examples


There are both sidewalk and parking area zones

Want both options?
Want to create a temporary parking zone and an annual sidewalk zone cafe? Awesome! Just apply for both options. Both applications are super easy and we’ll help you if you get stuck. Wondering why we don’t have a single application for both options? Good question; it has to do with the sidewalk cafe zone being an annual permit and the parking zone cafe program being a 90-day permit.

Planning to serve alcohol?
In a sidewalk cafe? You’ll need to fill out a form and return it to the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board via the instructions listed on the document.

In a parking zone cafe? You’ll need to complete an alteration form and email it to the email address listed on the document.

If you have any questions about the Streatery program, email Tyler Chism at tchism@everettwa.gov.

Frequently asked questions
Q: If I apply for any of these options am I guaranteed a permit?
A: No. Streatery permits are issued on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of City of Everett. That said, we’ll make every attempt possible to accommodate businesses and work to find a solution that works for you.

Q: I want to apply for a parking zone cafe. How many parking spaces am I allowed to request?
A: We don’t have a limit for each individual business, but we do have a limit on the total parking spots this program can utilize. A single block cannot have more than 25% of its parking utilized for parking zone cafes. We request that you work with the other businesses on your block to divide up the space in a fair and equitable way.

For example, if your block has 48 parking spots, then 12 parking spots could be utilized for parking zone cafes. If the block has three businesses wanting a parking zone cafe, then each business could have an equal-sized parking zone cafe of four parking spaces.

Q: Is the Streatery program only for downtown businesses?
A: No. Any business in Everett that would require the use of a city right-of-way to expand their outdoor seating can apply for a Streatery permit.

Q: Is the Streatery Program only for bars and restaurants?
A: No, not technically. If your business could benefit by having some additional space outside in a city right-of-way, please apply.

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