Camp For Those Experiencing Homelessness Pops Up On Rucker

July 7, 2020


On Sunday a privately owned lot in the 3200 block of Rucker filled with tents housing people experiencing homelessness.

The land on which the encampment sits is private property,


People living there are being connected to various social servide agencies.

Many of the people now in tents on the private lot had been staying on Snohomish County property in downtown Everett next to the County Administration building. received multiple inquiries about the encampment and found that it is organized at least in part by Robert Smiley with The Hand Up Project. Here is a Facebook Post by Smiley talking about the site.

This homeless Camp is amazing we’re almost at capacity and people are watching over each other but also keeping everybody on target I’m praying that the next couple days we can start getting resources in here and getting these people helped it’s time for these motel vouchers or housing vouchers to be expedited we have until the 2nd of next month and everybody’s got to be gone that should be more than enough time for the county to help out God bless you all I could not do this with you guys.

Among those who contacted were the owners of Rucker Chiropractic Performance & Rehabilitation at 3231 Rucker. They expressed concern that customers were afraid to get out of their cars with the camp right outside their front door.
We are very frustrated to say the least! We are just starting to open up after COVID-19 and now this! This real problem isn’t being dealt with, it is just being moved around. The City of Everett needs to have this homeless encampment removed as soon as possible. We have a call into Mayor Cassie Franklin, but haven’t heard back from her yet.

Everett Police acknowledged they have received several calls about the camp but have not taken any actions against those staying there.

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