WHEB Triangle To Focus On Redevelopment, Transportation, Tourism In Southwest Everett

November 27, 2018

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The WHEB triangle is an area/ district primarily served by three roads that make a triangle: Evergreen Way, SR 526 and Airport Road; it doesn’t have defined boundaries.

The area bordered by Evergreen Way, Airport Road and the Boeing Freeway (SR526) represents what the City of Everett is calling the WHEB Triangle. WHEB stands for Westmont-Holly-Evergreen-Boeing. It’s going to be a major focus of economic development in the future as commercial service comes online at Paine Field, planning begins in earnest for two light rail stations in the area and possible redevelopment of the Walter Hall Park property brings new options to Casino Road. The WHEB Triangle is one of what the city is calling three aspirational goals for its 2018 – 2021 Economic Development Plan. The other two goals are Downtown Everett reaching new prominence and targeted transformation through placemaking that will enhance the reputation of Everett. Those three goals will be presented to the Everett City Council this Wednesday by Dan Eernissee, the City’s Economic Development Director.

Plans for the WHEB Triangle include:

  • Promotion of the WHEB Triangle
  • Conduct a public process that results in WHEB-specific economic development recommendations to the Everett City Council
  • Explore redevelopment and enhancement options of WHEB park properties and provide a report to Council
  • Launch land use planning of the two WHEB light rail station areas
  • Provide a report to the Mayor on the enforcement of compliance policies designed to eliminate blight
  • Create a recommendation to the Mayor on how to dispel misperceptions of the Casino Road area
  • Report to Council on the economic development implications of annexing unincorporated areas south of the WHEB Triangle
  • Collaborate with Snohomish County Tourism to grow tourist destinations and spending in the WHEB Triangle, especially those that support Paine Field Airport
  • Help establish Paine Field as the region’s recognized preferred destination

    Again the WHEB Triangle is one of three parts of the 2018 – 2021 Economic Development Plan. You can click here to get a look at part of the presentation that will be presented to the City Council at their Wednesday meeting. If you’d like to attend in person the meeting will be held at 12:30 PM Wednesday at the City Council Chambers at 3002 Wetmore in downtown Everett. You can also watch online at the City’s website or on the Everett TV Channel on Comcast or Frontier cable within the Everett city limits.

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