Seattle TV Station KOMO Uses Photo Without Permission Or Credit

June 7, 2018


Editor’s Update 1:00 PM: KOMO News Director Bill Dallman called and offered an apology saying they made a mistake. He promised additional staff training and agreed to pay our standard fee for photos.

Editor’s Note: I work hard to go out and actively get photos and information for our readers that can’t be found elsewhere. This involves time, expense and effort that I hope our readers appreciate. Lately re-use of material generated by has again started to be a problem. All of our work is copyrighted and there is a right way and wrong way to use our images or the information we provide. We bring our subscribers and advertisers value by gathering images and stories of Everett that no other outlet can provide. Here is an example of a Seattle TV station taking our work and not correctly sourcing or providing compensation. If you appreciate what we do I hope you will click our subscription offer on the right side of this page. We need your support. Leland Dart.

At 6:22 AM posted the following Tweet on our Twitter account

KOMO Tweeted these photos at 6:22 AM

At 6:30 AM Everett Fire Department Re-Tweeted our initial Tweet


At 6:30 AM Everett Fire re-tweeted our Tweet

At 6:30 AM KOMO News Retweeted the Everett Fire Department Tweet


At 6:30 AM KOMO Retweets Everett Fire clearly showing Tweet

At 6:50 AM KOMO News posts the following Tweet


At 6:50 AM KOMO News posts this Tweet with no credit for photo

At 6:55 AM KOMO News Posts this on their website with a photo credit to Everett Fire


KOMO using photo on their website at 6:55 AM

At 6:59 AM tells KOMO to remove the photo


At 6:59 AM advised KOMO to remove the photo using the same medium Twitter in which they posted it. No response was received.

At 8:36 AM the photo is still being used on the KOMO website


At 8:36 AM the photo is still being used on the KOMO website.

It is 9:36 AM and the photo is still on the KOMO News website. If anyone knows of a good copyright attorney I’d appreciate a referral. I can be reached by email at KOMO is owned by a huge media corporation, Sinclair Broadcasting. I don’t have their resources but I do have you, our readers, advertisers and subscribers. Please help if you can. I’m getting a bit weary of the battles.

Leland Dart, Publisher

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