Everett Mayor’s 3rd Directive To Focus On Inclusion

January 27, 2018

Everett Government


Mayor Cassie Franklin delivers her first “State of the City” speech. Photo credit City of Everett

During her “State of the City” address last week one of the things Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin said was…
“I also believe that our City workforce must reflect the population we serve. Everett is increasingly diverse. In the Everett School District, 88 languages are now spoken in students’ homes, and 13 percent of students are learning to speak English. In the Mukilteo district, one in five students is learning to speak English, and 91 different languages are spoken in students’ homes. Currently, nearly 90 percent of City employees identify as white, compared to 76 percent of Everett residents. We have a great opportunity to diversify our workforce and find new and better ways to reach and engage all members of our community.”

On Thursday Mayor Franklin released her third Directive of the month to city staff. This one focusing on Engagement and Inclusion.

Under the directive, City staff will:

  1. Develop a clearly defined vision for an engaged community and the related tools and policies to support staff in providing effective outreach and meaningful engagement opportunities for all members of our community.
  2. Improve inclusion, equity and diversity at the City to ensure that our workforce is representative of the diverse community we serve.
  3. Increase access to City government and enhance communication and information-sharing with the community.
  4. Establish an interdepartmental team focused on customer service and complaint resolution to improve the way we interact with community members when they have a question or concern and provide better tracking and response mechanisms for recurring issues.
  5. Develop and promote opportunities for youth to engage with City government, including through representation on boards and commissions and through a City internship program.

“The City has a responsibility to connect with and engage our residents in a meaningful way,” said Franklin. “What we do is vitally important to the lives of our community members, and they deserve the opportunity to ask questions, share concerns and have a say in how we conduct our work.”

Each initiative includes timelines for implementation or reporting. The full directive is available on the City website: everettwa.gov/DocumentCenter/View/13110.


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