Smash And Grab Pot Shop Burglars Strike Again

November 24, 2017

Police Blotter

pot burglary

Officers found the door smashed and marijuana scattered on the stairs.

Purple Haze, in the 4200 block of Rucker was the latest retail marijuana store in Everett to be hit by burglars who break out a door or window, enter, smash display cases and run back out before police can arrive.

This morning Everett Police responded to an alarm shortly after 4:30 AM at the converted house that sits up off of Rucker Avenue. Arriving officers found the front door smashed and a trail of marijuana products littered down the front stairs.

Today’s burglary was the third recently in Everett. On November 14th burglars were unsuccessful breaking into Kush Mart on Evergreen Way but did smash and grab marijuana from High Society on north Broadway.


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