Everett Mayor-Elect Franklin Issues First Statement

November 16, 2017

Everett Government

Today Cassie Franklin issued a statement on her Facebook Election Page…

safe city

City Council member, now Mayor-Elect, Cassie Franklin

Thank you to the citizens of Everett who voted in this historic election. I am humbled and deeply honored to have been elected as our city’s next Mayor.

Two women vied to be the first woman to be elected Mayor of Everett in our 124-year history.
I want to recognize my opponent, Judy Tuohy, for a strong, well-run campaign. As a native of Everett, and Director of the Schack Arts Center, Judy has seen Everett grow and evolve and has made vital contributions to our city. I look forward to drawing on Judy’s insights and experience as we all work together to make our city safer and economically stronger.

Everett is a city poised for success. Everett is blessed with people who are hard-working, talented and caring, and we are surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty. Our economy is anchored by aerospace, healthcare, the Port, and higher education institutions. And many of our small businesses are thriving.

As Mayor, it is my plan to build on these strengths to support and grow living-wage jobs in our city and region.
At the same time, we face some difficult challenges. For Everett to prosper and grow, people must feel safe. As your Mayor, I will work with our local and regional partners to address the troubling street-level issues of crime, addiction and homelessness, and growing challenges of gang violence in our city.

And we have to accomplish our objectives within the constraints of a structural deficit in the city’s budget. We must work efficiently and effectively, with openness and transparency. As Mayor, I look forward to working with the City Council and with Everett’s citizens to build on our opportunities and tackle our challenges.

The citizens of Everett care about one another and about the future of their city. I would like to work with you to ignite a new spirit of community action and engagement in planning for and shaping our city’s future.

My family and I thank you for your support and the opportunity to serve.

Cassie Franklin
Mayor-elect, City of Everett


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