Everett Parents Of Kids In Mukilteo Schools Needed For Committees

October 10, 2017


A note to pass along to parents living in Everett whose kids attend Mukilteo Schools…


Mukilteo Schools looking for involved parents.

The Mukilteo School District seeks the involvement of parents and the community to help it make decisions regarding services, the budget, curriculum, and other issues. Standing committees recommend general goals, guidelines, and standards in certain areas of the school district’s operation. You can take a role in guiding your school district. Each year there are openings for parents and community members on these standing committees.

Those positions are filled through an election by constituent groups involving the people who attend a public meeting that will be held at 6 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday, October 11) at the school district’s Administration Center in south Everett.

During this year’s meeting, the school district will be looking for parents to fill these positions on standing committees:

Budget Committee: The committee reviews and provides input to the superintendent regarding board and district-wide initiatives and preliminary budget recommendations. The committee meets twice a month from late January through early June. There is one opening on the committee with a two-year term.

Research and Assessment: The committee reviews proposals for research conducted in the district for approval and makes recommendations regarding the school district’s assessment program. The committee meets four times a year, usually in the late afternoon in November, January, March, and May. There is one opening on the committee this year, with a two-year term.

Student Rights and Responsibilities: The committee reviews and recommends revisions to the Student Rights and Responsibility Handbook. It meets once a year, usually in April or May. There are two openings on the committee, each with a two-year term.

Instructional Materials: The committee receives recommended materials from each curriculum development committee and makes recommendations to the school board for action. The committee has meetings in the afternoon four or five times a year. There are five openings on the committee, all with two-year terms.

Special Programs: The committee works to improve awareness of the district’s categorical programs and provides feedback on annual applications and program evaluation efforts. The committee meets twice a year, usually in the late afternoon. There are five openings, all with two-year terms. The school district is looking for parents of children who are in the highly capable program, the English language learner program, or who attend a school that is part of the Learning Assistance Program.

To serve on one of these committees, you must attend the meeting tomorrow and be elected to the position by the other parents who attend the meeting tomorrow, October 11th at the Mukilteo School Administration Center, 9401 Sharon Drive in south Everett. The meeting starts at 6:00 PM.


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