Burst Water Pipe Floods Everett Homes

December 12, 2016


Editor’s Update 12:15 PM: just received this update from Kathleen Baxter at Everett Public Works…
Water service was restored by 7 a.m. this morning to the area affected by the water main break. Sediment released by the break clogged storm drains and contributed to the flooding. Crews performed street sweeping of the area and will be coming through again to clean up sidewalks as well. Crews are also in the process of restoring the site of the break, including sidewalk repair.

burst water main

The pipe burst at 35th and Grand but the flooding was on Friday and Nassau.

burst pipe

The 12″ pipe has been repaired.

The water is back on but the damage is done as a burst water pipe early Monday morning caused a major mess.

It happened around 1:00 AM in the Rucker Hill neighborhood.

Everett Public works says a twelve inch pipe near the corner of 35th and Grand Street burst. That left between twenty and twenty-five home without water service.

It also caused flooding of basements and cars on Nassau and Friday avenues.

Water service has been restored and the damaged portion of the water pipe has been replaced.

Public Works suggests running your water for 30 minutes or so to flush the pipes.

No word yet on the cause of pipe failure.

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