3 Everett Coffeehouse Updates

December 1, 2016

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Coffeehouse Headlines: Firewheel Evicted, The Loft to Launch, Dutch Brothers Readies…

A lot of coffeehouse news today with reports on three different Everett businesses.


Deputies served an eviction notice on Wednesday.

The Firewheel Coffeehouse at 2727 Colby is no more as yesterday Snohomish County Sheriff’s Deputies served an eviction notice on the business. Owner Mike LaPointe went before the Everett City Council last night and proclaimed that it was not just an eviction of him but an eviction of an entire community. The Firewheel had been having financial problems for quite some time.


The Loft Coffee Bar is expected to open this week.

A new coffeehouse is set to open this week in the 1300 block of Hewitt Avenue. The Loft Coffee Bar is located a block west of Rucker on the north side of Hewitt.

The Loft Coffee Bar says they’re a family run business that will be serving Vinaccio Coffee. You can learn more about them on their Facebook Page.


Staff is training and the final touches are being applied to the new Dutch Bros. Coffee location at 22nd and Broadway in Everett, WA.

Back on August 11th MyEverettNews.com reported that Everett was to be the first Puget Sound area location for Dutch Brothers Coffee.

Employees are being hired, signs are up and the final touches are being applied to the landscaping of the store located at 23rd and Broadway in north Everett.

Dutch Brothers is expected to open within the next two weeks. We reached out to Teal Anderson who is the owner of the Everett location and recently relocated here from Oregon to open the store.

She answered a few questions for us…

Q: Is there an opening date?

A: We do not have an exact date yet, but we are shooting to open mid to late December.

Q: How many people will you employ?

A: We are planning to hire 30 – 35 people.

Q: Why Everett?

A: My Fiancé, JD and I chose Everett after visiting a handful of times and absolutely falling in love with the city of Everett as well as the entire Snohomish County. I grew up visiting the San Juan Islands and the Seattle area to visit family during summers as a kid, so I am pretty familiar with this part of Washington.

Everett is ideal for our family because of the potential for growth for our company within the community, beautiful country, involved familial community vibe, and the simple fact that is not to far away from our roots in Central Oregon. Everett is home to the Boeing Facility and some of the best flight schools providing guaranteed jobs after school. JD is currently in flight school to eventually become a pilot. Everett being the mecca for anything to do with flying airplanes makes the area the ideal place to franchise for the both of us! Everett has so much potential in our eyes. As we grow Dutch Bros. in Everett, we will be able to give more back to the community not only by providing employment opportunities but also giving back within to show what this company is truly all about.

We truly love the Pacific Northwest and feel like we can fulfill all of our outdoor activities along with living out our career dreams. We are so excited to be the first to bring Dutch bros to the greater Seattle area and can’t wait to thrive in such an amazing community!

Q: For those in Everett who have never experienced Dutch Brothers what can we expect? How are you different?

A: There are three individually important pillars that form the foundation for which our company is built upon, speed, quality, and customer service. We are unique in our fearless but equal pursuit of all three pillars. When you pull up at Dutch Bros. you can expect to be met with a warm smile and genuine greeting. You can expect to feel cared about far beyond the small but crucial details of your coffee order; you can expect to feel like you are home.

“Our passion is people, our product is love, and our method is coffee.” And we believe this to our core.

Q: Is this a franchise store and is the ownership local?

A: Yes, all of our stores are locally owned and operated.

Q: What else should we be aware of regarding Dutch Bros. coming to Everett?

A: We want to be as involved in this community as possible. Our crew is built from Everett locals, and they are passionate about sharing the love and culture of Dutch Bros. with this community. You should be aware that we are much different than anything you know, and we are okay with that. We are so excited for the community of Everett, Washington to give us the extraordinary chance to fill their cups with coffee and hearts with love!

So there you have three coffeehouse updates as the Everett economy rolls on. One closure, one homegrown family shop and one Oregon import.

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