Morrow Elected Housing Hope Board Chair

September 25, 2016


Todd Morrow, a lifetime Everett resident, has been elected board chair for Housing Hope.


This is Morrow’s second time as board chair.

Todd is a founding board member of Housing Hope, and has remained active in the organization over the past 29 years. This is Todd’s second time serving as board chair, and 20th anniversary of his first term as chair for Housing Hope. Todd is the Chief of Strategic Communications at Community Transit where he has worked since 2000, and a lifelong resident of Everett.

The organization also appointed Robert Walker of Marysville and Sue Ambler of Bothell to the its board.

About Housing Hope

Housing Hope, founded in 1987, recognizes that safe, decent and affordable housing is the first step towards solving poverty for struggling families. The innovative concept to provide a full range of housing with housing-related support services is a hallmark of the Housing Hope approach. Housing Hope combines emergency shelter and affordable housing with critical services such as life-skills training, childcare, employment services, and other family support services to help families reach self-sufficiency. Housing Hope also offers sweat-equity homeownership opportunities for low-income households in Snohomish County and Camano Island. Housing Hope’s website is



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9 Responses to “Morrow Elected Housing Hope Board Chair”

  1. Robert Says:

    Enabling Criminals is a better name for the organization. We want the homeless issue fixed, not further encouraged with low-cost housing paid for by the tax payer.

  2. Bourne Says:

    At work one year we were forced to participate in a Habitat For Humanity community service project. The entire 3 days we saw no sweat equity from any of the future residents. Just us employed chumps building a nice 5 family attached home.

  3. brenda Says:

    Housing Hope? what a joke! every day the heroin dealers come out of there, make transactions right in front of it, then go back inside when they are done!

  4. skankhunt42 Says:

    Return of the coneheads!

  5. Wa-fix Says:

    Gee I wish I was a victim so I could get free housing….. also, pointless position, nothing will change due to this “election”.

    • GeoffTheGodofBiscuits Says:

      No you don’t, you’ve told this lie countless times. If being the recipient of help from these programs is so great, go do it.

      You won’t. But I expect you’ll be here this time next week telling the same lie.

      • skankhunt42 Says:

        Geoff, Every week I tell you that you’re a douche. Things never change.

        He/She probably doesn’t qualify because they aren’t a needy brat who cheats the system. You act like there’s never been a person that’s sold an EBT card, or collected a disability check while doing cartwheels- Or that all people who are poor are sad, and you should help them however you can. It’s peoples ability to cheat the system that has turned me into a cynic. I’m not one for saying that helping people under a large umbrella isn’t a bad thing, I just wish I had a choice in who receives my money. I don’t trust government to make proper decisions- they don’t.

        Needy brats expect handouts. That’s why the people who collect your change next to the interstate don’t get jobs. They’re the first in line to collect a free check, and the first in line to buy scratch tickets with it. They can’t get their priorities straight because they don’t know how to live like normal people.

        People that need help are disabled, mentally incapacitated, or elderly. I am all for housing those people. Not ex drug addicts with no will-power- and certainly not the people I see begging for the change in my pocket.

        But hey, they still get my change no matter what. Irony. Douche.

      • skankhunt42 Says:

        I know someone who intentionally asked their work not to give them a raise- because they get a kickin’ deal on their apartment in downtown Seattle. So they can only earn a certain amount every month… but the subsidized rent gives them lots of $$$ to spend on other things in their life. Wish I had that luxury and no conscience.

        Wonder how they pay $400 for a $3000 in prime real estate Seattle? In a very nice area?

        Afforable Housing.