M-E-N Comments Moved To Facebook

August 8, 2016


Editor’s Update 11:00 AM Tuesday Aug. 9th: Due to your requests the comments on individual articles are back on.


You can now comment on all our stories on Facebook

In order to make it easier for those who like to leave comments on our stories to connect with each other, we have turned off the comment section here on the main story page.

Once a story is posted here it is also posted on our Facebook page where we have a community of readers who often interact with each other about the story.

By putting the comments on Facebook you’re able to see the profile of the person making the comment. This takes away some of that hiding behind a screen name and allows people to get a better idea of who they are talking with about the story.

It has already led to people being able to directly help victims, families and others involved in our stories.

As always I value your support and hope you enjoy being able to more easily connect with other readers of our stories – Leland Dart, Publisher.

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