Car Slams Inside Everett Apartment

Editor’s Update 12:15PM: Everett Police Spokesman Aaron Snell tells preliminary indications are the driver fell asleep…

car slams

Dick’s Towing prepares to haul away the car.

car slams

Firefighters examine where the car went all the way into the apartment.

car slams

A look at the damage done inside the apartment.

car slams

There are now structural concerns about the building.

Amazing there were no injuries after a car slams all the way into an Everett apartment.

It happened Sunday morning when a car going north on 4th Avenue West lost control and went completely inside an apartment at 100th Street.

There was one person in the apartment at the time of the crash.

The driver was the only occupant of the car.

Because of concerns over structural damage, four units in the apartment building have been evacuated.

The Red Cross is helping the people from those apartments find temporary shelter.

Everett Police are still investigating the scene. No word yet on what charges may be filed.

Here are photos taken after the car was pulled out.


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12 Responses to “Car Slams Inside Everett Apartment”

  1. jet Says:

    who`s driver? i heard was a chinese man did this? iam right?

  2. Karen Says:

    The BMW car has Oregon plates and besides the plate number, has “C U” on the left. A college maybe? If so, hard to pin it on a gang.

  3. Jacob Says:

    People routinely drive 40+ on that road. There was very bad accident at that four way a few weeks ago. People speed all the time through there. I avoid it every chance. I saw the graffiti too…

  4. Clean Everett Says:

    Likely gang related. This apartment complex, one of which I drive by daily, has had gang graffiti covered on the 4th AVE side for months. It keeps getting recovered by rival gangs too.

    • joel Says:

      Yup I know my first thought when I saw the car inside that apt was damn gangs payin people to fall asleep at the wheel and crash thru apts . You either didnt even read the article before you started typin or read it but chose to ignore the facts either way it makes you look extremely unintelligent but maybe that’s what you were trying for because you surely succeeded I that regard .

  5. Eleanore Says:

    On the bus you can sleep all you want

    • Ben Dover Says:

      Yes take the bus its FREE!!!

      • joel Says:

        Where is the bus free? No free bus in sno. Co. No free bus in king co. Your either not from WA or have never ridden the bus here because its definetly not free . In fact the Swift bus on hywy99 has police that issue tickets to people sneakin on sometimes they even arrest individuals that they have ticketed before so , our buses are many things but free isnt one of them , not even close !

  6. Eleanore Says:

    Yet another stupid moron that should be taking the bus and NOT driving

  7. Bourne Says:

    Another car meets building in the greater Puget Sound area. This is the shocked look on my face 0_0