Mug Madness Update For Day 8

March 11, 2016


Mug Still a bit slower than we’d like to see with just 1 mug purchased Thursday in support of There are now 22 mugs left so maybe we can get 3 today, please?

As far as visitors Thursday…We had 6304 unique users with 10,393 page views. 48% of our visitors were new with 52% returning. 30% had IP addresses in Everett with 22% from Seattle. Our top age range was 25 – 34 with 56% of our total readers female and 44% male. Again thanks for your continued support.

We’ve had a few people who wanted to show their support but didn’t want a coffee mug. That’s fine. Feel free to use the link below and in your note just (nicely) tell us what to do with the mug. Thanks again.

Leland Dart – Publisher


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