Mayor Stephanson Delivers 13th State of Everett Address

January 21, 2016

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Mayor Stephanson

Mayor Stephanson smiles as he delivers his 13th State of Everett address.

Mayor Stephanson delivered his annual State of Everett address this morning at an event sponsored by Economic Alliance Snohomish County. Stephanson is now the longest serving Mayor in the history of Everett. A major area of the mayor’s address covered Everett’s financial condition. Here are a few excerpts…

“The economy, and its effect on our ability to deliver projects and services, is always at the core of what we do as a municipal government.”

“As we’ve recovered from the downturn, we’ve all been forced to acclimate to a new normal. The state and federal investments that used to provide critical funding for transportation projects, human services and more are no longer a certainty, and we have been reminded quite clearly that local governments are at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to revenues.”

“Throughout my career, my focus has been on the large businesses that form the foundation of Everett’s economy. Securing and retaining those major employers is critical in signaling our economic health as a community, and attracts the subcontractors, suppliers and service industries that help to diversify our economy.”

In addition to the economy, Mayor Stephanson pledged to continue the Community Streets initiative…

“One of the overarching goals that will guide much of our work in 2016 is the continuation of our Community Streets Initiative efforts. In 2015 we made major strides in our work to create a safer, more vibrant community for all of our residents, including those living on the streets.”

“By the end of this month we will have lined up permanent supportive housing for five of our chronically homeless citizens, with another 15 targeted for housing by the end of June. This is the first step in our effort to expand the Housing First model in Everett and the entire county.”

“In addition to our housing projects, we have established a streets outreach unit with dedicated police officers, two embedded social workers, and a new prosecutor. We are also expanding our successful alternative sentencing and diversion programs by starting a work crew that will operate out of the first floor of this arena, cleaning up the very areas that have been affected by our street populations.”

You can click here to see the entire State of Everett address.


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12 Responses to “Mayor Stephanson Delivers 13th State of Everett Address”

  1. Niemands Says:

    We’ve never had a great choice when voting time comes. Why is that? The pay seems pretty good, work hours excellent, commute excellent. The bar here is set pretty low. Why can’t we find a decent person to run for Mayor of Everett? He holds the title of longest serving mayor of Everett because no decent person has run against him, no other reason.

  2. Anon Says:

    Time for a new mayor. Be sure you vote.

  3. New In Everett Says:

    Is there a forum ,other then the comments section of My Everett News articles,to discuss Everett?

  4. Selena Hamilton Says:

    Funny, all I remember pertaining to Everett’s homeless population is when Clark Park was cleared over halfway through last year by [tired] CITIZENS unfunded by the government.

    Everett- using militia for government aid.

  5. hello Says:

    As someone living in a home surrounded by apartments, i can say without a doubt that they are magnets for riff raff. This is a terrible idea and one of many reasons why everett is going down the drain. North Everett may be nice now, but eventually it will deteriorate like the South end. Everett zombies are ruining the city and Layaway Ray just continues to reward their poor choices.

  6. Bourne Says:

    “As we’ve recovered from the downturn,…:

    Delusional. He needs to go.

    Ditto the comments re: Public housing projects.

  7. Eleanore Says:

    Sure lets give free housing to the drunks and drug addicts while I barely get by paycheck to paycheck I would love free housing what a joke try getting them jobs

  8. Lancaster Says:

    This guy is an insufferable fool. Housing projects making communities better? Maybe making population funded drug dens is more accurate.