Wind Storm Update For Everett, WA

November 18, 2015


5:00 PM Update: After 23 and a half hours power has been restored to the offices in Everett. Neil Neroutsos with Snohomish PUD says they are down to under 1000 people without power in Everett and are working through scattered pockets of outages. “Everett did get hit harder than usual,” said Neroutsos. “This will rank as one of the top two or three outage events on record.”

He said crews were brought in from Tacoma today to help efforts. They hope to have everyone restored by the end of the week.

Here is a link to an online form to report that your power is still out.

DO NOT use this form to report emergencies that require immediate action, such as a life in danger or fires on power poles. Instead call “911” for these emergencies.

DO NOT use this form if you want to report that power lines or poles are down on the ground. This is a dangerous situation. Call the PUD at 425-783-1001 (toll-free in Western Washington at 1-877-783-1001).

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tree in house

No one hurt but the living room destroyed when this tree went down in the 7400 block of McDougal.


Both branches of the Everett Public Library have free wi-fi and plenty of connections.

Everett wind storm Update 10:30 AM: The power has been out at the office for the last 16 hours so we know what you’re feeling.

That said PUD has been working non-stop to restore power. They still have 2 major transmission lines to bring back into service. (out of a total of 9 that went out yesterday)

There are more than three dozen crews in the field and as of 10:30 AM Snohomish PUD says 65,000 are without power in their service area from yesterday’s storm.

There are still large pockets of Everett that are without power and there is no way to give an exact restoration time. Transmission lines, then sub-station, then neighborhoods, then individual locations.

Clean up wise the City of Everett reports downed trees at 120 locations. At least three homes suffered significant damage from trees coming down on top but so far no injuries have been reported.

The Everett Public Library has free wi-fi and plenty of room if you need to access the internet. (that’s where we are writing this update)

Again a reminder that where there are traffic lights at intersections and those lights are out it becomes a 4-Way-Stop for EVERYONE! There have been many accidents, some with serious injury.

Everett Schools are closed and after school activities are also cancelled. Everett Community College is operating as normal.

We’ll update again later this afternoon. Stay safe and for immediate updates of breaking news follow us on Twitter.

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