Multiple Crashes Cripple 526 in Everett

September 29, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter


The ramp from Evergreen Way to Eastbound 526


Police closed the tunnel from Eastbound 526 to Northbound I-5

Sunshine in driver’s eyes seemed to be the cause of 3 separate multiple car crashes that shut the tunnel from Eastbound 526 to Northbound I-5 around 7:30 this morning.

In addition a motorcycle crash shut down Westbound 526 in about the same spot, just west of I-5. There were no major injuries but traffic was backed up as Everett Police had to get 5 different tow trucks to 3 different scenes.

Broadway, Casino Road and other alternative routes to and from Boeing all backed up quickly.

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4 Responses to “Multiple Crashes Cripple 526 in Everett”

  1. Maksim N Says:

    Such a lie about sunshine. Sunshine is on opposite side.

  2. angie arlene Says:

    R U Kidding ME! sunshine my A$$. More like CRAZY BOEING workers driving WAY TOO FAST. I drive my kid to and from school and we have to drive Seaway Blvd and Boeing freeway and the posted speed LIMIT on Seaway Blvd is 40!!!! not 60! Aslo, parts of Boeing Freeway are 45!!!! NOt 80!!!~!~!!!!! I’m about to slash some tires when Boeing wrks are working/resting their lead foot! SLOW IT DOWN A$$HOLES!!!

  3. Anon Says:

    The sun ain’t going away for a long time, so these people better invent some kind of miraculous device to keep the sun out of their eyes.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Are you serious sunshine in their eyes? visors or sunglasses anyone? I drove this morning sun got in my eyes I pulled the visor down, end of problem. Some people just drive too fast and don’t pay attention that is the problem