Brush Fires Now A Daily Occurrence For Everett Firefighters

July 19, 2015

Everett, Everett Fire

Brush fire 1

It’s amazing how fast the flames can spread.

Sometimes it is a bit of bark on fire in a planter bed, other times, literally a burning bush and lately its a fair amount of dry brush or grass on fire that brings calls for Everett Fire crews. The causes have been everything from a power transformer that blew, a fire used by transients and even someone intentionally setting a bush on fire in a department store parking lot. It seems every day this month, Everett Firefighters are dealing with multiple brush fires throughout the city. The latest was a brush fire Sunday evening that started when a transformer blew. Everett Firefighters were assisted by a tender from Lake Stevens Fire District 8 which supplied water. The fire was on 35th NE just east of Highway 529 between Everett and Marysville. Here are some photos from the scene. Click to enlarge.

We know you’ve heard it before but it takes very little to start brush fires right now and anything you can do to help prevent a fire would be a wonderful thing.

Brush fire 2

An Everett Firefighter starts an initial attack.

Brush Fire 3

Everett Firefighters have to make their way through thick brush to get water on the fire.

Brush fire 4

This fire was along 35th NE

Brush fire 6

A Firefighter uses forestry hose on the burning brush and grass.

Brush fire 7

An Everett Fire Captain uses a regular hose to wet the area.

Brush fire 8

You can see the pole above the transformer is on fire.

Brush fire 9

You can see the fire burning well into the pole.


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