Everett Gunshot Victim Not Cooperating With Police


The shooting occurred on Lombard behind the restaurant which stayed open.


Officers pick up evidence in the street.


The area where the victim was found and treated by medics.

Everett shooting

Another look at the area where the shooting victim was treated.

Everett Police say they aren’t getting a lot of cooperation from a man who was shot in the 2600 block of Lombard Tuesday night. About 8:35pm Everett Police received calls of shots fired in the area behind the McDonald’s at Lombard and Everett Avenue. Arriving patrol officers located a male suffering from a gunshot wound. Medics took the victim to Providence Regional Medical Center where, according to Everett Police Spokesperson Sgt. Ryan Dalberg, his injuries were determined to be non-life threatening. Dalberg told MyEverettNews.com that the victim and witnesses were not being cooperative with police and officers had far more questions than answers at this point. Patrol officers processed the crime scene and had Lombard open within 90 minutes. The case will be turned over to detectives.


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5 Responses to “Everett Gunshot Victim Not Cooperating With Police”

  1. Jessica Marie Allen Says:

    I am, from what i saw the only person who was on the street watching and I ABSOLUTELY cooperated. Not only did I cooperate, but I approached thr officerand I offered every bit of everything I saw. And I am homeless. I also went to the news and did the same. So not all of this is factual andvits highly offensive to think that noone has answers because the “homeless” stick together. Wow. Yes sir we do, thats why I spoke up. I sincerely hope the shooter or shooters get caught. The victim is someones family and friend. I would hope someone would speak up if it was mine.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Do we know who got shot

  3. C W Says:

    when things like this happen in your area you have to wonder about the people in the are. the homeless tend to stick together and not talk.there is alot of drug use in this area and things can escalate.

  4. A F Says:

    I am glad there is a Everett local that believes in reporting. The local newspaper unfortunately avoids reality (and may be due to internal special interests). One thing that does bother me is that there is no author for this story. I know this story is factual due to being a resident near this event.

    • myeverettnews Says:

      AF, I’m the author for this and all other stories on MyEverettNews.com. It’s kind of a one man operation at this point (thus why you see the plea for donations at the top of the page) which is why I have the flexibility to cover things day and night that a lot of other entities can’t as they’d have to pay someone overtime. More of a passion than a position but am working on getting more reader support and local advertisers so I can get some help and increase the coverage. Thanks for reading and we’re always open to suggestions. Leland Dart – Publisher