Everett Selling Seized Bikini Coffee Stands To Avoid Rent Payments

November 17, 2014

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Everett already has buyers lined up for five coffee stands and equipment.

The City of Everett is trying to close the latest saga of bikini coffee stands as adult entertainment by immediately selling five physical stands and included equipment. The City is about to take formal possession of the stands after an investigation into illegal activity by bikini clad baristas at the stands and a guilty plea by owner Carmela Panico earlier this year. According to briefing papers prepared for the Everett City Council, the stands are worth about $3000 – $8000 each along with about $1000 worth of equipment inside. The city attorney is asking the council to immediately declare them as surplus and allow a quick sale or auction. If the city were to hang onto the stands it would have to pay rent at their current locations of about $2500 a month or pay about $1000 per stand to have them moved onto city property for storage. The city says it has no desire to be in the coffee business and already has several people interested in purchasing the stands and equipment. (we’ll let you insert you own “but here’s how they could reduce the budget deficit” comment below)

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One Response to “Everett Selling Seized Bikini Coffee Stands To Avoid Rent Payments”

  1. mari Says:

    does anyone know how to find out about where to inquire on purchasing one of said stands??