$5000.00 Prize To Be Offered In Contest To Re-Design City of Everett Logo

August 14, 2014

Everett, Everett Government

Everett, WA city logo

Do you have a great vision for a new logo for the City of Everett?

City of Everett Communications Director Meghan Pembroke last night revealed initial details of a contest to re-design the city’s logo. The city has had the same logo since the early 1990s. In September the contest will roll out inviting people to submit their designs for an updated City of Everett logo. The submissions will then be put online and the public will be asked to vote. The top 15 designs will then be reviewed by a committee and the winning logo will be revealed in November with an award of $5000.00 for the winning design. You won’t see the logo splashed all over the city right away. Pembroke says they will slowly replace the current logo first on easy to change things like web pages and stationary as current supplies expire. The logo will appear on city vehicles and uniforms when they are due for normal replacement.

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17 Responses to “$5000.00 Prize To Be Offered In Contest To Re-Design City of Everett Logo”

  1. Joe Says:

    Ok so the City stated that they would be opening this up to the public. Its not an attack of Graphic Designers. Think of it more about getting the average person involved in something fun. That’s exactly how I see it. They are accepting rough works from the community (even hand drawn) and they have a Graphic Design Professional on staff that will work with said citizen in perfecting their vision for the logo.

    So no, it won’t be an amateur logo and no it may not be as good as some of what you all could have came up with. But hey, lighten up I think its nice to see Everett attempting to get people involved with something so creative.

    It’s as if the city asked you to landscape your own yard for a contest, they plan to give the best one 5,000 – a deal to landscape a city hall garden bed. Could they have gone knocking on the professional landscapers door and only offer them the job to landscape? Yes. Is that f-ing boring and accomplishes nothing? Yes. Why not hit two birds with one stone by getting everyone involved to landscape their properties and offer a nice reward for the “prettiest one”? Then everyone gets a chance to be creative.

  2. aj Says:

    Bet you all these fools send in a design though. How you gonna pass up a easy 5 grand. Plus, if you all are so good then you will win right?

  3. Alexander Says:

    Do all graphic designer bitch and moan this much?

  4. DogPlay&Stay! Says:

    Sounds like fun to me. Amatures get onstage to dance, sing, model for a prize. Volunteering for a nonprofit gives you experience and skills that can be of value in the workplace. Everybody wins sometime.

  5. ktf Says:

    Unbelievable – are you serious? obviously not. Do you have any clue how important and how much consideration goes into a GOOD and effective logo? Let me guess, you are going to pick the “prettiest” and are going after quantity to find someone who uses that shade of pink that you love on your bathroom towels – All kidding aside, my suggestion is to do some research on how critical it is that this job be done well, and then go out and find a real designer that doesn’t work for some speculative chance that they “might” be compensated. As gemmaryan points out, you reside in an area that is known for some of the most talented designers…these are people who understand the subliminal impact of every aspect of a mark and will research to ensure the message you want to convey is what you will actually put out into the world, a mark that is versatile, has longevity and will be recognized for years to come. You may want to question the work of anyone willing to work for free, this is not a charitable organization, and clearly, a lot of money will be spent rebranding city property and collateral – get your wallet out and get the job done right, arghhh – so disappointed in the level of judgement by city executives on such an important decision.

  6. Eleanore Says:

    Wow Lee I think this is the most comments I’ve seen on a story here!! =D

  7. gemmaryan Says:

    Would you hold a contest for electricians to do work on your house or crowd source doctors to perform surgery on your body? Graphic designers are trained professionals and good designers know that rebranding is a serious, lengthy process, not a contest or a game. Do some research and you’ll find the Pacific Northwest is fortunate to have some of the nations most talented freelance designers, as well as small, independent creative firms. Everett, do yourself a favor and hire someone.

  8. Cory Says:

    Professionals don’t work for free. Enjoy your amateur logo.

  9. ever-rot Says:

    Typical of Ever-ROT…looking for cheap graphic design. my hourly starts at $5000/hr

  10. Alexander Says:

    As an resident artist of Everett , I think this is brilliant opportunity to reach out to those of us designing graphic work independently. This will get the general public excited about participating in the image of their city!

  11. Paul Says:

    What a waste of money, tell us what is the estimated cost is to changeover all the logo’s to a new logo…..disgusting, but very typical of City employees…..oh and whatever they have estimated be sure to triple that cost!

  12. Tyler Says:

    Awe, you guys will be ok. This gives us non-professional couch designers a shot at a dollar or two. Think of it as charity.

    • Scott Says:

      At the risk of sounding rude, if you want to do charity why don’t you design for a non-profit? They would gladly take your design at no charge…and use it rather than toss it away because it’s not a “winner”. Design contests like this devalue artists, pure and simple. My job is not to “make the neatest looking logo.” My job is to determine what is right for the client. That takes time, meetings, notes and focus groups. It means I don’t just understand the principles of design but also the market I’m designing to. I means I have to see the big picture and that requires much more than “hey, are you an artist? Draw us something and see if we like it.”

      As a “couch designer” you are still worth more than “a shot at a dollar or two.” Your artwork is your time, your experience and your education. It’s worth more than gambling. Don’t underestimate yourself.

  13. Scott Says:

    My thoughts exactly…they’d be much better off spending $5000 on a logo with a designer that has sat with them and considered their needs. There isn’t any information on what direction they want to go, what they are trying to convey, etc. People will just have to throw things and hope they stick. Not a good image for Everett and their supposed support of the arts.

  14. KDFM Says:

    Sounds a lot like spec work to me. The American Institute of Graphic Artists recommends that designers avoid doing spec work, as it is basically work for free.

  15. Monroe Says:

    Don’t want to pay designers what their work is worth? Just have a contest.