Bad Electrical Cord Cause of 2 House Fires at 23rd and Lombard in Everett

May 9, 2014

Everett Fire

Everett Fire

A track hoe will be used to uncover hot spots. Photo courtesy Everett Fire Dept.

6:00PM Final Fire Update From Everett Fire Marshal Rick Robinson:

The fire started in an outdoor sleeping porch area between the two houses, and the cause of the fire appears to have been a malfunction in an electrical extension cord in the area.

The track hoe has begun pulling the front of the western-most residence down to help with extinguishment of smoldering hotspots. One fire crew remains on scene, working with the track hoe crew from City of Everett Public Works.

Both houses are complete losses. The damage to the homes is estimated at $350,000 total. After the hot spots are extinguished crews will erect fencing in support of safety.

4:15PM Update: Everett Fire Marshal Rick Robinson says there were no injuries but it may be a while before they have a cause or damage estimate. Heavy equipment is being brought in to take down some of the unstable parts of the homes and allow access to remaining hot spots.

Everett Fire Command

Everett Fire Command Staff confer on the scene. Photo courtesy Everett Fire Dept.

1:00pm Update from Everett Fire Marshal Rick Robinson…
Everett Fire Department crews responded to a reported house fire at 5 minutes before noon between Broadway Avenue and Lombard Avenue, fronting 23rd street. Crews found fire from the roof of one home spreading to the roof of a neighboring home. The arriving Battalion Chief called a second alarm in order to provide enough resources to stop further fire spread and begin to contain and extinguish the fires. Crews attacked the fires from both inside and outside of the structures. The residents of the eastern-most home were confirmed to be outside of the home as the incident started. The home to the west was in foreclosure and was not expected to have any residents. Crews are still battling very stubborn and hard-to-extinguish attic fires in both structures.

Lombard fire

Photo from Everett Fire Dept.

Everett fire

Two houses are on fire at 23rd and Lombard in Everett. Photo courtesy Everett Fire Dept.

Everett Fire crews are currently battling a fire involving two houses at 23rd and Lombard. The fire was reported about 12:10pm. More information as we get it.

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