South Everett I-5 Rest Area Now Off Limits to Semis and Commercial Vehicles

May 1, 2014

Everett, Police Blotter

Car crashes into weigh station

Back on June 24, 2011 a small car hit the scale house.

While the I-5 rest area just south of Everett Mall will remain open to passenger vehicles, commercial trucks will have to keep going south for the next ten months. It’s due to the repair of the scales at the I-5 weigh station. Here’s the explanation from Washington State Patrol Trooper Mark Francis…

The southbound Interstate 5 Silver Lake weight station (scale) at MP 188 will be closed while the Washington State Patrol’s Facility Section rebuilds the scale.

The scale, which has been out of service, still had a commercial vehicle parking lot that allowed truck driver’s access to the Silver Lake rest area. Semi trucks will not be allowed access to the scale parking lot while the new weigh station is being built. The rest area parking lot, which is adjacent to the scale parking lot, cannot accommodate semi trucks, only passenger and recreational vehicles.

The ramp to the weigh station will be closed from May 1, 2014 through March 2, 2015 while the weigh station is being rebuilt. Commercial vehicles are not allowed in the rest area and can be cited for being there. The rest area and rest area parking lot will remain open to the general public.


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One Response to “South Everett I-5 Rest Area Now Off Limits to Semis and Commercial Vehicles”

  1. Steve Lesh Says:

    Three years build a new scale house not much bigger than a two seater outhouse? You can’t be serious, I can build a whole housing development with 100 homes in it in less time