Everett Fire Department Releases 2013 Annual Report and Strategic Plan

Everett Fire Dept Engine 6

Engine 6 was part of the response Tuesday night to a fire alarm at Extended Stay on Broadway in south Everett. Turned out to just be burnt food.

The Everett Fire Department today released it Annual Report for last year and its first ever Strategic Plan. The report and plan were presented to the Everett City Council by Everett Fire Chief Murray Gordon…

A few interesting items of note…

In 2013 Everett Fire was dispatched to 19,537 calls…an average of 54 calls per day.

  • 87% of the calls were medical, 10% were fires and 3% other

The most common medical calls were

  • Traumatic Injury, Heart Attack or Chest Pain, Motor Vehicle Accident, Respiratory or Breathing Problem

There were 53 different fire calls where a fire  investigator was called out.

  • 45% were accidents, 36% were intentionally set and 19% of the time the cause was undetermined.
  • There were also 702 false alarms

You can click the links above to read the annual 2013 report or the new strategic plan.

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Below is a summary released today by the city of some of the information you can find…

The annual report provides information on the department’s 2013 operations, progress toward goals and recent accomplishments. The strategic plan is the result of a collaborative effort between administrative staff, International Association of Firefighters Local 46 members and representatives from the Everett community.

“Our annual report lays out the statistics, data, charts and maps that demonstrate both our successes and challenges over the past year,” said Gordon. “We are proud of our place in the community, our dedication to the citizens of Everett, and our contribution to this city. The strategic plan is the next step in helping us get to where we want to be as a department.”

In 2013 the Everett Fire Department was dispatched to 19,537 incidents, a 5 percent increase over 2012. The annual report also outlines other services provided by the fire department, including inspections, plan reviews and public education. Everett fire inspectors reviewed more than 2,500 buildings in 2013 and investigated 53 structure fires.

Nearly 90 percent of calls received in 2013 were for emergency medical services, and firefighters and medics provided treatment and care to almost 14,000 individuals. Over the past few years, the department has emphasized high-performance CPR for patients suffering cardiac arrest, and has trained police officers and other first responders to use the highly effective method.

“We are very proud of the results we’ve been able to achieve through our emphasis on this important lifesaving technique,” said Gordon. “If you experience cardiac arrest in Everett, your chances of walking out of the hospital are twice as likely as in the rest of the United States.”

The annual report and strategic plan are available at www.EverettFire.org.


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